AYTO Season 4 spoilers
Are Emma and Prosper a perfect match? New “Are You the One?” trailer teases they might be. MTV

Gio and Julia? Emma and Proposer? Things are about to get interesting in the back half of “Are You the One?” Season 4. MTV released a new midseason trailer Wednesday (above) and if the clips are any indication, the drama and the romances are about to heat up between the remaining single men and women.

Gio revealed to Julia in episode 6 that he believes she’s his perfect match, despite her connection with Stephen. While Julia quickly turned away Gio’s advances, it appears he will get his chance to go on a date with his desired partner in a future episode. The trailer shows Gio and Julia visiting the truth booth and while it doesn’t show the result of their visit, Stephen looks pleased by the results. He’s shown sinking into the couch as the pair’s result shows up on the screen. Francesca, who had a fling with Gio, responds by smiling and grabbing Stephen’s hand.

Another possible couple revealed in the trailer is Emma and Prosper. Emma has been hitting it off with John lately, her first connection in the house, but their rocky romance may not last. John is seen hooking up with Nicole in a sneak peek of Monday’s episode 7, and it appears Emma will also move on to greener pastures. The promo shows her going into the truth booth with Prosper. Could they be a perfect match?

While Victoria and Cam are the only other couple shown in the truth booth, a scene from the final matchup ceremony does reveal some additional fresh romances. Despite showing a renewed interest in Francesca in episode 6, and her returning those feelings, Asaf is shown sitting next to Camille. And Tori, who recently shared a romantic kiss under the stars with Morgan, is seen beside Cam, Victoria’s presumed match.

But the new trailer not only reveals potential matches. A possible blackout, which causes the cast to lose a percentage of their shared $1 million prize if no new perfect matches are revealed during a matchup ceremony, is also teased. The first trailer for the season hinted at trouble ahead for the cast, host Ryan Devlin saying “This is a blackout” as the players react in horror. The latest promo shows the players looking upset during the final matchup and Asaf walking away frustrated.

“This is bulls---!” he yells as he storms off shirtless.

Will the Season 4 cast black out? Fans will have to stay tuned to find out! “Are You the One?” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.