Sam and Alyssa AYTO
Sam and Alyssa were confirmed to be a perfect match on Monday’s installment of “Are You the One?” Season 4. MTV

Episode 6 of MTV’s “Are You the One?” saw a second confirmed perfect match Monday, but it wasn’t all hearts and rainbow for the Season 4 cast. Love triangles resulted in some major drama at the matchup ceremony in “Mammas’ Boy.” Relive the episode below!

House Meeting

Asaf holds a house meeting and says if they want to win, they have to have Alyssa and Sam go into the truth booth. Tori tells the couple she “knows” they’re a match and says after Kaylen and Gio’s failed truth booth, they need to uncover everyone’s status.

The Challenge

Host Ryan Devlin announces the girls will be playing a trivia game. Ryan explains he will read a quote from a mom of one of the male house guests and two females at a time will have to guess whose mother the person is. The first one to get the question right goes on to the next round and the two remaining women will go on a getaway date.

After correctly answering a question about John, Emma earns a spot on the date. Alyssa gets the second spot, saying it is extremely important for her and Sam to go into the truth booth. Despite her past issues with John, Emma chooses him as her date partner. Alyssa, of course, picks Sam.

Love Connections

Camille, who says she’s considering Asaf could be her match, is denied by him when she asks for a kiss. Despite refusing to kiss her, he eventually slips into her bed. Francesca says seeing Asaf with another girl hurts. Gio comforts her when he sees her upset and the two soon after share a kiss. The next morning the house finds Gio and Francesca sleeping together. Kaylen says she’s not surprised they hooked up, calling Francesca the weakest link in the house.

“I feel like it’s a natural thing for anyone to be in love with more than one thing,” Gio explains.

The Dates

On the getaway date, John opens up about his feelings for Emma. He says in the house he finds Emma to be emotionless but realizes she’s fun and feels as if he’s just met a completely different person. Emma says she’s happy John has finally realized her true self. John admits he found Julia, his prior truth booth partner, sexually appealing, but says seeing a new side of Emma makes him feel like they could be a perfect match.

“She’s making me laugh and I’m not even having to try and it’s nice,” he says. Emma tells him she knew they were going to happen eventually.

Meanwhile, Sam and Alyssa talk about their feelings. Sam says he’s fallen for Alyssa and that she has nothing to be afraid of when it comes to their relationship. “We have something deeper than just physical attraction. We can switch from being best friends to lovers in a heartbeat,” Sam says. “It is something you can’t describe in words.”

Truth Booth

At the truth booth nomination ceremony, Gio tells Ryan he’s been hanging out with Francesca. He admits they shared a kiss or two and Asaf says it hurts him. When Kaylen is asked about her feelings on their romance she says they can learn from each other, calling Gio and Francesca a boy and a girl, not a man and a woman. Gio says he won’t stoop down to her level by responding.

The house decides to send in Sam and Alyssa and Ryan admits the vote is a big one. Luckily for the house and the love birds, they’re revealed to be a perfect match, the second confirmed one for the Season 4 cast.


While Morgan and Tori create fireworks but sharing a passionate kiss under the stars, Gio creates a different kind of explosion in the house by telling Julia he believes she’s his perfect match. Julia informs Gio she would never go for someone like him, referencing his hookup with Francesca, before Stephen steps in. Stephen refuses to leave Gio alone with Julia and tells him: “You’re fighting battle you shouldn’t fight.” Gio responds by saying no one in the house is smarter than him and that he’s the “alpha.” John says Gio has no reason to go after Julia and needs his “a-- whopped.”

Matchup Ceremony

At the ceremony, Ryan announces to Mikala and Cameron that Sam and Alyssa will also be headed to the honeymoon suite. When Ryan asks Sam what they plan to do when they get away from the house, Sam jokingly tells him to check back in nine months.

A noticeably different John is the first up to pick and he goes with Emma. While some cast members are surprised by John’s change, Emma says she’s not shocked he picked her because their one-on-one date date was successful.

Stephen is visibly happy when he gets to pick before Gio. After Julia trashes him at the podium, Gio tells Ryan he didn’t come on the show for friendship and it’s going to be hard to stop him from getting what he wants. Kaylen tells her ex to put himself in check and reminds him she believes his match is Francesca. When Francesca asks Kaylen why she sees her as a girl, she says it’s just how she “carries herself.” At the podium, Francesca voices her upset about being called a little girl and Kaylen comes up on stage.

“Sweetie, you had every motherf---ing opportunity to say what you need to say,” Kaylen says, slamming Francesca for not speaking to her privately. “In that house I gave you respect. I told you not to take it the wrong way.” Francesca later tells the cameras she thinks Kaylen lashed out because she still has feelings for Gio.

Asaf’s decision to pick Camille causes more drama. When asked if she was his first choice, he admits Francesca was his desired pick. Camille says it’s likely Francesca is his match and Francesca admits she’d “do anything” to stand next to him.

Ultimately, a total of four beams is revealed.

Here’s who sat with who in episode 6:

Cameron-Mikala (Confirmed)

Sam-Alyssa (Confirmed)



Morgan-Tori (aka #Torgan)






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