With only one confirmed match, it was down to the wire on Wednesday night’s finale of “Are You the One?” on MTV. Find out if the Season 6 cast found their perfect matches and won their share of the $1 million or went home empty-handed.

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The Last Challenge

After their last failed matchup ceremony, the house is upset, and Ethan says it is clear the cast is giving up. However, they does have one more chance to find a perfect match.

The final challenge of the season sees host Terrence J tells the house the guys will vote one of their own into the truth booth and the girls will do the same. He warns, however, the two people voted in won’t be going into the truth booth together.

The women end up picking Keyana and the guys pick Dimitri.

The challenge has the men and women guessing Keyana and Dimitri’s answer questions about themselves. Terrence says the last person standing on each team will get a spot on the getaway date with the chosen players. The house makes it clear they want Keyana to win alongside Michael and Dimitri to get a date with Diandra.

Despite Keyana’s connection with Michael, he gets the second question wrong and is eliminated, causing her to cry. Malcolm ends up being her winner and he’s surprised.

The hits keep coming when Diandra answers one of Dimitri’s questions incorrectly and is also eliminated. Jada ultimately wins the date with Dimitri.

Back At The House

keith ayto Keith began the “AYTO?” finale wanting to continue a relationship with Alexis outside of the house. Photo: MTV

Keith and Alexis, though confirmed non-matches, talk about their feelings and say they want to be in a relationship after the show. Shad says he’s upset that they are are risking everyone’s money by not playing the game in the final hours.

The Truth Booth

Terrence tells the house they can still pull out a win and reveals the couple voted into the truth booth is Dimitri and Jada. Dimitri says he knows there’s sexual tension between them but Jada won’t admit it. While Malcolm says they were getting along well on their getaway date, the truth booth reveals they’re a no match.


Keith says he wants to do a “double-edged sword approach” to figure out the final matchup ceremony couples. He decides to base the couples on strategy, but also on connection. The house runs through scenarios to see what works and what doesn’t. They end up with two different scenarios to use during the final matchup ceremony. 

The house has mixed feelings on Keith’s plan. Shad says he’s not comfortable with the strategy because its based on assumptions. Meanwhile, Geles says she’s convinced one of the scenarios where she sits with Clinton, not the one where she sits with Ethan, is correct.

Ethan also admits he’s never spoken to one of his potential match according to Keith’s plan, which is Zoe. When the two talk, Zoe says she’s not used to “sweet” guys and it is clear there could be a connection there.

Trouble In Paradise

When Alexis sees Keith chatting up Zoe, who he once revealed he was interested in, instead of his potential match, Jada, she gets upset. Alexis decides she’s going to talk to Michael because he’s a “player.” After drinking together, Michael and Alexis share a kiss.

When Keith approaches Michael to ask him what happened between him and Alexis, he denies doing anything other than drinking and talking. Alexis goes on to tell Keith that may have kissed and Keith reacts by setting her childhood stuffed animal on fire. Alexis retaliates by setting his shoe on fire and from there, he proceeds to rip up her clothing.

Final Matchup Ceremony

The final matchup is girls’ pick and Geles says she’s still torn between Clinton or Ethan. With Geles being the first one up to pick her match, Zoe says it’s up to her not to mess up their pre-orchestrated scenario. However, Keith says if they don’t win, it’s not his fault.

Terrence warns the cast this is their tenth and final matchup and in order to win their share of the $1 million, they need to get all 11 perfect matches correct.

After everyone picks their match, Terrence ends the ceremony by calling Keith the “mastermind” of the house and says if they manage to get all 11 perfect match beams, it will be the biggest comeback in “Are You the One?” history.

After getting nine beams, the ceremony takes a beat before revealing all 11 perfect matches have been uncovered, meaning the house wins both money and love.

Here’s the complete list of ‘AYTO?’ Season 6 perfect matches:

  • Nicole-Tyler
  • Geles-Clinton
  • Audrey-Shad
  • Zoe-Ethan
  • Alexis-Anthony
  • Keyana-Michael
  • Nurys-Dimitri
  • Alivia-Malcolm
  • Diandra-Kareem
  • Uche-Joe
  • Jada-Keith

Check out photos of this season’s confirmed match couples HERE.

“Are You the One?” Season 6 continues on Dec. 13 with part one of the reunion special. Part two will air Dec. 20 on MTV.