The “Are You the One?” Season 6 cast made history Wednesday night. With only one confirmed match under their belt, the MTV series stars managed to uncover their 10 other perfect matches in the final episode and walk away with love and their share of the $1 million prize. 

After the epic Season 6 finale, get a look at your confirmed Season 6 couples in photos. 


Nicole,Tyler Nicole and Tyler from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV

Nicole and Tyler were the first and only confirmed “Are You the One?” couple from Season 6 ahead the finale. The pair found out they were put together by the matchmakers after heading to the truth booth in episode 11.



audrey and shad Audrey and Shad from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV

It took Audrey awhile to believe anyone but Michael could be her perfect match. Towards the end of the season, she started to have faith in a romance with Shad. Their true match status was revealed in the finale.


zoe, ethan Zoe and Ethan from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTVA

These two “ATYO?” stars didn’t come together until the final hour. Ethan made it clear in the finale he felt his confidence would forever soar if he was put together with Zoe by MTV’s matchmakers.


alexis, anthony Alexis and Anthony Photo: MTV

Alexis and her ongoing relationship drama with Keith made it impossible to see her working with Anthony, but the two ended up being a perfect match. Even host Terrence J was surprised by the coupling at the final matchup.


keyana, michael Keyana and Michael from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV

Keyana and Michael began the season in a relationship, but Michael broke things up in episode 3 to play the game. Keyana stuck by her guns that she and Michael were destined to be together. She was proved right in the finale.


Nurys-Dimitri Nurys and Dimitri from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV Nurys once had something with Malcolm, but it appears she and Dimitri were destined to be together.


Alivia, Malcolm Alivia and Malcolm from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV

Alivia’s relationships with Kareem fizzled out after his blowup in episode 8. She also failed to be a match with Keith during one truth booth visit. Meanwhile, Malcolm spent most of the season romancing Diandra and Nurys.


Diandra, Kareem Diandra and Kareem from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV

The house considered Diandra and Kareem to be a match for several episodes, they just never got their chance to get into the truth booth.


uche, joe Uche and Joe from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV

Joe admitted to have feelings for Uche after they formed a connection in episode 9, but Uche was always focused on her non-match, Clinton. Meanwhile, Joe went on a unsuccessful date with Alivia in episode 10


jada, keith Jada and Keith from “Are You the One?” Season 6. Photo: MTV

Keith may have had a longtime fling with confirmed no-match Alexis in the house, but he made it clear in the finale he considered Jada to be his real match in the game.

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