ayto season 6
Uche and Joe are pictured in a scene from “Are You the One?” Season 6. MTV

Last week’s “Are You the One?” ended on a cliffhanger for the Season 6 cast. Episode 10, released Wednesday night by MTV, revealed which of the two couples was voted into the truth booth. Find out if the first perfect match of the season was revealed and who sat with who during the matchup ceremony.

Mardi Gras Party

The episode begins with the cast headed to their surprise Mardi Gras party. Before getting there, Geles says she’s interested in Clinton and Michael and she wants to find out who her match is.

Elsewhere, Diandra says she likes Kareem because of his passion and says that now that they’re both single, they need to get to know each other better.

At the party, Michael says he has strong feelings for Audrey but still considers Geles an option.

Meanwhile, Anthony says he’s attracted to Zoe, who is best friends with his ex Geles in the house. Anthony goes on to kiss Zoe and she immediately informs Geles, his confirmed non-match, of what happened.

“I’m happy to be kissing him but it feels really wrong at the same time,” Zoe says.

When Geles finds out, and Anthony says he did it because “he can,” Geles throws a drink in his face. Geles goes on to flirt with Clinton and says she could see them hooking up. Clinton, however, says he won’t kiss Geles because it will hurt his non-match Uche’s feelings.

Audrey, ahead of possibly going into the truth booth, approaches Michael and says she’s feeling different about their relationship and accuses him of being more interested in being sexual. Michael says he’s not perfect and the two kiss and make up.

Getaway Dates

The previous episode’s challenge winners, Michael and Audrey and Joe and Alivia, go on their beignet-making date. After their talk, Audrey says she and Michael are getting along better and she really think he’s her perfect match. The other couple didn’t fare as well on the date.

Alivia says it’s hard to make a real connection with Joe because he’s always joking around. When Joe tries to kiss her, she throws a beignet in his mouth. Post date, she says she feels they’re more friends than a couple.

The Truth Booth

The house votes Michael and Audrey into the truth booth and the two reveal to the rest of the cast that they want to to the honeymoon suite together. Audrey also says they is a lot of pressure on them to be a match because they’re the last remaining couple in the house to visit the truth booth.

Unfortunately for the pair and for the rest of the house, they’re revealed not to be a match. Afterwards, Michael promises Audrey he’ll behave in the house, but tells the cameras he’ll still talk to the girls that could be his match.

New Romances

Diandra and Kareem continue their connection and realize they both want the same things in a relationship. Kareem calls their similarities “mind-blowing.”

Elsewhere, Michael talks to Geles and says he thinks they would make a “good team.” During a private confessional, the two share a kiss. Michael tells Geles she doesn’t have to tell Audrey about what happened, but the following morning, she lets Audrey know about their kiss.

Audrey is immediately upset and tells Geles to back off. Later, while the girls are getting ready together, Audrey calls Geles fake, among other insults, and tells her to leave the room, but she refuses. Geles defends herself by saying she’s just playing the game.

The Matchup Ceremony

Alivia tells the house the need to make more progress and change up the couples. They discuss only switching up half the couples in order to get information out of the matchup ceremony. The eighth matchup ceremony has the ladies pick their partners.

Here’s who chose who in episode 10:

  • Diandra-Dimitri
  • Geles-Clinton
  • Alivia-Anthony
  • Jada-Joe
  • Uche-Malcolm
  • Nurys-Kareem
  • Nicole-Tyler
  • Keyana-Michael
  • Audrey-Keith
  • Alexis-Ethan
  • Zoe-Shad

The cast receives three beams, a big step down from last week’s five perfect match beams. Host Terrence J tells the cast their actions are “unprecedented” and that they’re almost in an “unwinnable” situation. However, with a few episodes left, there is still time for the cast to find their matches and win the shared $1 million.

“Are You the One?” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST.