Ariana Grande, pictured, and McCurdy will co-star on their own show together called "Sam & Cat," which is scheduled to begin production this summer. Wikipedia

Nickelodeon star Arianna Grande took to her Twitter account Thursday to answer questions from fans and her more than 2 million followers. While much of social media was focusing on the Republican National Convention and that other vital issue -- the "Jersey Shore" cancellation -- Grande's fans tweeted at her enough with the hashtag #askari for the mantra to become a nationally trending topic in the United States and more.

"Eeepp!! Thank u guys for the #1 ww trend...Going to try to answer as many questions as I can..Love you," Grande tweeted Thursday evening.

Along with retweeting many of her fans adoring tweets to her, Grande answered that her favorite Madonna song is "Masterpiece" and that she was playing cards with her mother.

"Would you ever dye your hair a crazy color?" asked @CatsCupcakeCity, while others asked if she enjoys music from Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj.

A fan named Luke Harvey asked Grande what she would do if she could not be famous for one day. A surprising number of Grande's followers simply wanted her to follow them back, or even mention them in a tweet.

"#AskAri is trending worldwide!" from @xkeepitgrande was par for the course of the type of tweet the Nickelodeon star received.

Grande's Twitter session with fans follows the news that she was filming a new show with fellow Nick star Jennette McCurdy, titled "Sam & Cat." Although "Sam & Cat" won't definitely be the name of the show, it will be about the two friends moving in together and starting a babysitting business so they can afford to have fun.

Although it's unclear if Grande's "Victorious" will even stay on the air, it hasn't been revealed what role she'll have in the future of that show. McCurdy also is a country-pop singer when she's not on TV.