Arianators have done it again. Fans of pop singer Ariana Grande have been known to troll her on social media, constantly inquiring into her Tweets and Instagram posts to determine if anything she said could possibly be a future song lyric or album tease. Now, they have taken their trolling to new lengths by having the name of a fake song trend on Twitter.

“#ihyilysmTONIGHT” (translating to “I hate you, I love you so much”) began trending on Twitter on Wednesday night as the assumed headline of what would be a song from Grande’s next studio album.

It all started when Grande responded to a fan who tweeted a video of a dog in a shower as the song “Needy” from her most recent album “thank u, next” played over it. The singer responded to the tweet writing that her fans need new content from her in order to make new videos and that she misses “feeding” her “children.”

Fans immediately began buzzing about the possibility of a new album release, and Twitter started to blow up as Arianators started questioning if everything she was saying on social media were actually the titles of her new songs. It prompted the singer to jokingly tweet, “throwing my phone off a cliff,” before continuing to engage in the conversation.

The 26-year-old singer then attempted to satiate fans by writing, “wish i could play u things as i make them.”

Those close to Grande, including Tommy Brown, who has helped produce some of her music in the past, then joined in on the action.

When Grande responded to Brown’s tweet with, “i hate u (i love u so much)” her cameraman Alfredo Flores jumped in on the action by tweeting “#ihyilysmTONIGHT” which prompted the immediate popularity of the hashtag.

Even with the best efforts on the part of her fans, it seems Grande is not yet ready to release another album.

Ariana Grande
U.S. singer-songwriter Ariana Grande is pictured at the 2020 Grammy Awards red carpet. AFP/VALERIE MACON