The Wallow fire, affecting the eastern part of Arizona and western New Mexico in the US, has affected thousands of people across the country and burnt over 600 square miles; very close to the 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Fire which affected around 732 square miles of forest area. Not to mention, the hazardous air pollution from the fire that have produced plumes of NO2.

Even with the thousands of firefighters working to control the situation, the fire was only about 5 percent controlled by Saturday.

Detailed images released by NASA have enabled authorities to get a clear picture of the situation and take steps towards controlling it. In fact, NASA's Ozone Monitoring Instrument has been a prime detector of NO2, helping to provide a data product that can be used to visualize the sources of these gases to the atmosphere, the Christian Post reports.

Check out the photo-gallery released by NASA on the Arizona Wallow Wildfire: