Arknights battle
Arknights is a character-driven tower defense game for mobile devices Arknights


  • High-tier characters are not required to clear the game's challenges
  • Many three-star and four-star operators can be replaced later in the game
  • The in-game shop sells guaranteed copies of certain operators

As with most gacha games, "Arknights" players will get immediately tempted by the allure of those rare, high-tier characters featured in Headhunting banners. However, these units aren't totally necessary when it comes to clearing the earlier stages of the game.

Compositions and synergies are everything in "Arknights," and the cohesiveness of a team always outweighs the value of a single unit. With that said, everyone can comfortably clear much of the game's challenges with just a roster of three- or four-star units.

Here's a list of easily-obtainable characters new players should invest in as they begin their journey.


Much of the "Arknights" community will agree that Kroos is one of the most valuable operators for new players. She, alongside Jessica, offers reliable ranged ST DPS that can carry any team composition well into the third story chapter.

Arknights Kroos
Kroos, one of the best 3-star Sniper operators in Arknights Arknights


This ninja cat is one of the earliest AOE DPS options players can get. Her range is incredibly long and she can deal with swarms all by herself. Keep Shirayuki handy until stronger options like Meteorite become available.


Melantha is the Kroos of melee Guard operators. The damage she deals is insane, making her a great pick for responding to enemy casters and snipers. She can only block one enemy at a time, though, so make sure to bring a dedicated Defender to hold chokepoints.


Unless players roll someone like Eyjafjalla early on, they'll most likely rely on Amiya to take care of heavily-armored targets on their runs. The poster girl of "Arknights" is surprisingly effective when it comes to killing bosses, and since she's a story character, players will be able to get her tokens just by playing the campaign.

Arknights Amiya
Amiya, the defacto protagonist of Arknights Arknights


Ansel is a great starting medic with excellent ST healing and a skill that gives a small chance for him to heal two operators at once. He is a cheap and efficient unit that can be a mainstay in most team comps, though multi-target healing is best left to dedicated group healers like Perfumer.


This four-star Defender can tank, heal and stun, making her one of the more versatile units in the game. Unless players get Saria early, Gummy can serve as a solid frontline blocker who can support Guard units like Melantha from behind.


As a defense-oriented unit, Courier deals less damage than most other Vanguard operators. His main value lies in his ability to generate DP while also being able to hold back two enemies at a time. Use him as a buffer for operators with high DP costs like Kal'tsit.

Courier can be bought in the store for in-game currency.

Arknights Courier
Courier, a 4-star Vanguard unit available in Arknights' credit store Arknights