A pregnant woman shot and killed one of two armed intruders that broke into her family’s home.

The break-in occurred in the Tampa suburb of Lithia on Wednesday, when two armed men broke into a home and held a family at gunpoint. One of the men reportedly assaulted the husband as the other searched the house. While the robbers were preoccupied, the pregnant wife managed to get her hands on the couple’s AR-15 and fired a shot, wounding one of the robbers.

Both robbers then fled the house to escape before the one wounded collapsed in a drainage ditch outside. He was reportedly dead by the time officers from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office responded.

“When he came toward the back door in her line of sight, she clipped him,” homeowner Jeremy King told local TV news outlet BayNews 9. “He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing.”

According to Tampa NBC-affiliate WFLA, the family was brought to Tampa General Hospital to receive treatment. King reportedly received 20 stitches and suffered a fractured eye socket, fractured sinus cavity, and a concussion as a result of the break-in but was in stable condition. King’s wife and daughter were reportedly unharmed from the incident.

Police are currently investigating the home invasion, believing the family was targeted by the two men. The identity of the dead robber has not been released while investigators work to identify the second man who fled the scene.