E! has set the return date for its drama series “The Arrangement.”

According to Deadline, the 10-epsiode Season 2 of the Jonathan Abrahams-created series will premiere on Sunday, March 11 at 9 p.m. EST.

After being forced to undergo therapy at the Institute for The Higher Mind (IHM) last season, Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) is seemingly more determined than ever to take down IHM. “There are people out there who want to see you fail,” Megan says in the first-look trailer for the new season. “And all I can say about that is that none of it is worth spending a second of your life feeling powerless. And I’ll never let that happen again.”

As Megan tries to accomplish her objective to take down IHM from the inside, the rising star also plans her A-list wedding to actor Kyle West (Josh Henderson) in the new season. In the promo clip, Megan is seen fitting her wedding gown and hosting what appears to be an engagement party for her and Kyle. But since Kyle is also involved with IHM, it’s unclear whether Megan’s wedding to Kyle is just one of her means to achieve her secret plan.

“That is a very, very good question,” Evangelista told TVLine last May when asked if Megan also plans to take down Kyle together with IHM. “Megan is at a point now where she either turns against him or she realizes that she wants to take him with her, and I’m not sure which direction it’s going to go in. I know that they genuinely love each other, and she wants to trust him, and perhaps she wants to help him in some way. Maybe a part of her plan is to get him out of the Institute? Or maybe it’s to take them all down?”

According to E! News, Season 2 will also explore Kyle’s dark past and reveal why and how he’s connected to IHM leader Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) and his wife DeAnn Anderson (Lexa Doig).

Season 2 will also introduce a number of new characters. As previously reported, Garcelle Beauvais, Ruffin Prentiss and Jacob Artist all landed recurring roles in the new season. Beauvais was cast in the role of Mason, a charismatic and intelligent businesswoman with ties to DeAnn’s past. Prentiss and Artist, meanwhile, were tapped to play popular jazz musician Xavier Hughes, and a charming young man named Wes Blaker, respectively.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 below: