“Arrested Development” fans hoping for a fifth season are in luck – It appears as if Netflix knows that there is always money in the banana stand. Chief content officer Ted Sarandos recently revealed that another installment of the cult comedy may be in the works.

In an interview with USA Today, Ted Sarandos discussed the streaming service’s original content and the plan to expand off of their hit programs – which include “Arrested Development.” For those unfamiliar with the Mitchell Hurwitz series, it aired on Fox from 2003 to 2006 before getting cancelled. A fourth season was revived by Netflix, and was released in 2013. A lot of criticism surrounded Season 4 of “Arrested Development,” but despite that small hiccup Netflix is still interested in bringing the comedy back for a Season 5.

The chief content officer told USA Today that he is “positive” that fans can look forward to a new season of “Arrested Development.” “It’s just a matter of when,” Sarandos explained.

So, what is holding a fifth season up? The same thing that spurred Season 4 criticism – the cast’s busy schedules.

One of the biggest complaints that viewers had about the fourth installment of “Arrested Development” on Netflix was that the cast barely interacted as a whole – something that drove a lot of laughs during the first three seasons. Instead, Season 4 episodes were split up by character due to scheduling conflicts between the actors.

Sarandos said that the streaming service recognized that “the cast didn’t appear on screen often enough together,” and that the criticism the revival received was “fair.”

Season 5 has yet to be officially confirmed and no release date has been set in stone. However fans will remember that creator Mitchell Hurwitz previously revealed that he’d like to do a new season every 2 to 3 years.

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