Newly single Two and A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher is enjoying his holidays in Europe, a month after splitting with wife Demi Moore. His Twitter post indicates that screenwriter Lorene Scafaria is also accompanying the 33-year-old actor in Italy.

Kutcher posted a photo of him, Scafaria and a friend from the trip, with the caption: Roman holiday with homies. @mazzant @LoreneScafaria Have an amazing new year!!!

He spent his Christmas in Italy with Scafaria who has a striking resemblance with actor's estranged wife. Rumors suggest that she is the new girl in Kutcher's life.

Although the couple has maintained the just friends tag but grapevine has it that Lorene Scafaria, who, until recently, was dating The OC actor Adam Brody, is now romancing with Kutcher in Italy.

According to US Weekly, they started seeing each other even before splitting with wife Demi Moore. Ashton started seeing her while each was in a relationship, a source said.

The duo was photographed flirting and romancing in Italy, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pizzeria Trattoria Toscana and several other places on Christmas Eve.

They held hand, a witness Alex Thorpe told US Weekly.

Another onlooker said the Moore look-alike sat at the open window, talking, flirting, drinking red wine and smoking one cig after another.

Ashton cheated on wife several times during their relationship and finally Moore filed for divorced in mid-November.