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Austin Price, 15, was struck and killed by an Amtrak train Thursday while playing chicken with friends along train tracks in San Lorenzo, Calif. KGO

A California teen was struck dead in a lethal game of “chicken.”

Austin Price, 15, was killed by a train Thursday night in a game of chicken that turned fatal, reported.

“They played all the time,” Olympia Pereira, 16, a longtime friend of Price, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It was just a game.”

The San Lorenzo teen and two of his friends were walking south on a northbound train track near their high school. The group was playing chicken with a northbound Amtrak train -- a game where the last one to jump off the tracks as the train approaches is the winner -- Alameda County Sheriff's Office Sgt. J.D. Nelson confirmed, according to KTVU.

Just after 6:45 p.m. local time, Price failed to leap out of the way and was struck dead in front of his classmates. His two friends were shaken but unharmed.

Price’s peers remain devastated by the accident.

“He was always a loving person; he knew how to make everyone smile,” Natalie Alfaro, a student at San Lorenzo High School, told KGO-TV.

Several moments of silences were held, photos of the killed sophomore displayed, and tissue boxes shared among students at school on Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle said.

San Lorenzo High School principal Tovi Scruggs told KGO the school makes regular announcements to keep students off the tracks, but, like many teenagers, they don’t always do what they’re told.

“We do know high-school kids know better, and we know kids do things because they're kids,” Scruggs said.