Azealia Banks has been a very vocal supporter of Donald Trump ever since the Republican was busy campaigning for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Now that Trump has secured the presidency from Hillary Clinton, however, the controversial rapper may have changed her mind.

The outspoken rhythm and rhyme artist took to Facebook, Monday, to slam the incoming POTUS. In her post, which has since been deleted, she insisted that the president-elect should “stop snorting coke and wearing spray tan.” The “Ice Princess” hitmaker wrote this after watching Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl as proven by a snap she shared earlier.

Despite her post, Banks, who is not afraid to blast other celebrities and personalities on social media, did not actually flip from supporting Trump. The 25-year-old simply expressed her disdain for Trump’s appearance in the interview and in the many times that the Republican appeared in public. In fact, Banks pointed out in an earlier post that Trump badly needs to fire his makeup artist.

Banks is not the first one to take notice of Trump’s unusual makeup. When the controversial businessman was still running for presidency, many people made fun of his appearance during debates and campaign speeches. In late September, Mic even ran a story on how makeup lovers were not pleased with the the odd combination of the brownish orange shade of powder on Trump’s face and the pasty shade of white circles around his eyes.

In July, Cleveland-based makeup artist Jason Kelly spoke with Fashionista and revealed that Trump’s orange complexion is actually due to the fact that he likes spending time in tanning beds. Kelly said at the time that the whitish circles around the Republican candidate eyes were formed because he wears goggles for every tanning session.

Even with Banks’ recent social media post, her fans, who are also Trump supporters,  shouldn’t worry about her stand when it comes to President Obama’s successor. The “Chasing Time” rapper has made it clear in another Facebook post that supports Trump, and she even wants Obama to be the vice president of the United States. However, as of press time, the post is nowhere to be found on her Facebook feed anymore.