After finding a newborn girl abandoned in a plastic bag, police in Georgia have released body cam video of her discovery in an effort to identify her.

The baby was originally found on June 10 by a local man from Forsyth County, Georgia, who heard cries near his family home. Originally thinking it was an animal, the man went to check on the sounds and discovered the newborn in a plastic bag. He reached out to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department, who responded promptly and took the toddler into their care.

“It was obvious that the baby was a newborn. We believe within hours of our discovery that the baby had been born,” Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman said in a press conference the day after the baby girl was found. “We want to understand and find out how this baby was abandoned. Thirty-two years, this is the first one I've had of an abandoned child in this manner.”

The toddler was temporarily named India and taken to the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services. According to the sheriff’s office the “baby India is thriving.”

In an effort to help gather more information about the abandoned toddler, the sheriff’s department has released the body cam footage from one of the present deputies.

The video shows the baby with her umbilical cord attached and being tended to by authorities.

The baby is reportedly in good health.

Representational image. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong