It's become trendy over the years to name babies something offbeat and different, like Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple, but one mother drew inspiration from the trendiest of all trendy things -- literally.

She named her baby daughter born on Saturday Hashtag Jameson.

“Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite. She weys 8pounds and I luv her so much!!!!!” an announcement posted on Facebook read, along with a photo of baby Hashtag.

So far, there is no clear indication if the baby's real name is Hashtag or whether it's just another Internet hoax or publicity stunt.

But that doesn't mean people aren't talking about it. The web is rife with criticism for the baby, lambasting her mother for choosing such a bizarre name. Yahoo News even pointed out that several other hashtags have been started associated with the story, including #Foolishparents, #YourParentsHateYou and #StupidestNameEver.

"While some have considered that the little girl will grow up to be the living embodiment of the degradation of the English language, others have simply despaired for the mother, whose last name is Jameson," The Daily Mail wrote.

"If you’re going to give your daughter a weird name, at least roll with something that doesn’t imply you spent the entire pregnancy cycle staring at your iPhone," Mashable wrote.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poked fun at the name, joking her "sibling will be named Retweet."

However, little Hashtag Jameson is not the first baby to be named after social media jargon. According to The Daily Mail, an Israeli couple last year named their baby girl "Like" in reference to Facebook's "Like" button. The couple, Lior and Vardit Adler, were looking for a standout name for their newborn and drew inspiration from the Facebook moniker.

Similarly, an Egyptian man named Gamal Ibrahim named his baby girl "Facebook," but in honor of the social network's role in ousting of Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak during the Arab Spring last year.