A baby sitter feared she would succumb to her injuries after a 45-minute attack by her friend’s Siberian husky.

Rachel Anderson, the victim of the attack, was dragged around and left with severe wounds in her arm and face after the terrifying incident which occurred while babysitting her friend’s two children during the previous Boxing Day.

The mother of two was only able to get free when one of the children stabbed Storm, the husky with a knife on the counter.

She was able to call the authorities who then shot the dog, killing it.

Anderson says the animal locked its jaws on her face before it pulled her to the floor and then dragged her into the kitchen.

From there, it ravaged her arm for good three-quarters of an hour while she screamed for her life.

Former hairdresser, Anderson, has had at least ten operations to repair her arm, and surgeons feared they would have to amputate.

Luckily her arm was saved when medics opted to sew it inside her stomach for four weeks so that new skin could grow back.

After almost a year following the incident, the authorities have since dropped the case, but Rachel is not able to work and is still getting treated for her injuries.

The mal-structured hand is not able to function appropriately.

She still has trauma from the incident and said there has to be some recognition. If there is a guard dog, then it should remain as such. However, the animal in question was treated as a pet.

Rachel claimed she could see blood everywhere. She saw out of the corner of her eye, the level of damage; as there was skin and fat everywhere.

Apparently, the dog was sinking its teeth in repeatedly because it was trying to get a full grip.

Rachel said all she could see was a knife, and she tried to will it to her. Anderson attempted to pull the dog but to no avail. She reiterated it was like she was a rag toy, and the dog had its way with her the way it saw fit.

Anderson and the dog’s owner, Adel Johnson, met while working in a convenience store, and she offered to look after her friend’s children so that Johnson could get time to enjoy a night out on Boxing Day.

She said that when she visited Johnson’s home in Birmingham before, the dog would be shut away in the garden though this time it was in the kitchen.

Siberian husky Pixabay