Colton is about to make a big decision and break two hearts in the process on the next “The Bachelor.” After making his confession of love for contestant Cassie Randolph, he’ll send his other two 2019 finalists packing on Monday’s installment.

Part one of the Season 23 finale will kick off where the last episode left viewers hanging. Following Cassie’s departure from the ABC series, Colton ran away from production. Episode 10A will see host Chris Harrison and producers work to track down Colton in Portugal.

“Where did he go? Did he quit the show? What happened to Hannah G. and Tayshia? Find out on night one,” states the synopsis. The network doesn’t give answers to any of these questions it asks in the preview but does state that Colton will “discuss his options” with Chris during the installment.

The summary goes on to tease that Colton could end up being “the first Bachelor ever to be alone at the end of his journey.”

Spoilers indicate that Colton will not end up alone, despite what the network is leading viewers to believe. However, he won’t choose between Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

It has been reported that Colton will dump both women during fantasy suite week in favor of Cassie. Hannah G., unlike Tayshia, won’t ever get an overnight date. It’s unclear at this time which contestant will be eliminated first.

According to Reality Steve, Tayshia and Hannah will both be blindsided by Colton’s decision. The blogger stated in a recent post that contestants are not told what’s to come during circumstances such as this, saying the women will only learn the truth “when Colton tells them.”

ABC won’t show Colton running back to Cassie on part one of the finale but “The Bachelor” lead will be live in studio to discuss the episode’s events. Colton will be joined by other members of Bachelor Nation to get their take on the drama.

Part one “The Bachelor” 2019 finale airs Monday, March 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Part two, or episode 10B, airs the following night at the same time.