Demi Burnett has quickly made an impression on this season of "The Bachelor." From upsetting her fellow Season 23 contestants to stealing time with star Colton Underwood, and her witty one-liners, she isn't one ABC viewers will be able to easily forget. So, just how long does this season's "villain" last in the 2019 competition?

Thanks to those who want spoilers for the upcoming episodes, it has been revealed when Demi will part ways with the dating show. In episodes 4 and 5, Demi will accompany Colton and several of the other women on group dates. It's unknown who secures the episode 4 group date rose, but it has been confirmed she will not receive it in episode 5. That honor will go to the equally controversial Hannah B.

Things will change drastically for Demi in episode 6. During the installment, the cast will head to Vietnam. While there Demi will, once again, accompany Colton on a group date, though she won't make it to the rose ceremony. Reality Steve has reported she gets eliminated by Colton during a private chat.

"At some point in the episode, Demi went to his room to talk and Colton eliminated her because his feelings weren't the same for her as hers were for him," the spoiler blogger reported. " [He] didn't want to put her through a rose ceremony when he knew she wasn't the one, so he sent her home."

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