This week’s “The Bachelor” installment saw several big players, including Abigail, Kit, and Pieper, leave the show. Another contestant will meet their fate during episode 8.

ABC’s synopsis for the upcoming Season 25 installment reveals it’s time for Matt to meet his final four’s families. The network has confirmed the cast won’t be traveling for hometowns, but rather their loved ones will be traveling to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort to meet Matt.

Hometown Dates

bachelor spoilers hometowns Matt James enjoys a date with Michelle (left) an Bri during hometowns week on "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC With Michelle, Bri, Serena P., and Rachael all making it to his final four, each will get alone time with Matt during episode 8. Though ABC has revealed the one-on-one outings won’t be easy.

“Over the course of four intense and emotional dates, there will be plenty of tough conversations, heartfelt moments and touching surprises,” the preview reveals.

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Press photos show a glimpse of what dates are ahead for the remaining women. The images reveal Matt will go bicycle riding with Michelle and get up close and personal with Bri during what appears to be an outdoor date.

Meanwhile, footage from the preview shows Matt and Rachael taking a “leap of faith” on a skydiving date while Matt enjoys a hockey game with Serena P.

Who Gets Eliminated?

ABC has warned that “in the midst of all the thrills, Matt’s ego may not be the only thing bruised along the way” in episode 8.

“Everything that I was working towards is starting to crumble,” Matt says in the trailer.

So, who will get eliminated? According to show spoiler blogger Reality Steve, Bri, Michelle, and Rachael will make it to Matt’s final three for fantasy suite week, meaning Serena P. will be getting the boot during hometowns.

bachelor "The Bachelor" Season 25 contestants (from left) Rachael and Bri will be kept safe next week while Serena P. will be eliminated by Matt James, pictured in a scene from episode 8. Photo: ABC Find out will be eliminated during fantasy suite week here and tune in to “The Bachelor” Season 25, episode 8 when it airs Monday, Feb. 22, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.