Vienna Girardi
Vienna Girardi had a miscarriage. Pictured: Reality stars attend the Swimming With Sharks Pool Party in celebration of “Shark Night 3D” held at Hotel Shangri-La on Aug. 27, 2011. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Vienna Girardi has been mourning the loss of her twins.

On Sunday, “The Bachelor” alum turned to Facebook to share her sad story. According to the former ABC reality show star, on Aug. 3, she went for an ultrasound because her perinatologist noticed that one of her twins had more fluids. It was the first sign of TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome), where one takes more nutrients than the other.

They thought the condition had improved in the last week, but it was not the case. On that evening, her water broke due to ruptured amniotic sacs. She spent the next two days in the hospital. They tried to save the twins, but their chances of survival were slim at only 18 weeks. Vienna risked her own life causing an infection in her uterus, but it didn’t work.

“They also said that there was a very slim chance under five percent that the babies could survive and the fluids in their amniotic sacs replenish themselves so as any mother would do I did everything to save them but their hearts stopped beating on day two which is also when I went into a septic shock with 104 fever,” Vienna wrote. “My little angels went to Heaven on Aug. 5 and I was rushed into the OR for emergency surgery and was in the ICU for four days.”

Vienna is currently recovering and the process may take time. “Vienna has a long and arduous journey to recovery, yet she is strong and knows her children are at rest in heaven. Her heart is heavy. ... It is a difficult and emotional time. Please respect her privacy and allow her time to grieve,” her rep told Us Weekly.

Vienna is the winner of Jake Pavelka’s “The Bachelor” season. However, she earned a number of enemies along the way. She split with Jake soon after the finale and started dating Kasey Kahl. Unfortunately, their romance was short-lived. They split after eight months.

“Yes, Vienna and I have split,” Kasey announced on his social media account, Daily Mail reported. “It’s been five weeks now. I can’t fake it anymore. I will always love, be there for her, and wish her the best.”

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