Is Ashley I. still a virgin on “Bachelor in Paradise”? After her overnight date with Jared, the cast of the ABC reality show isn’t sure!

Fans of the series have been watching Ashley I. fawn over Jared all season. But while Ashley I. was completely head over heels for the ex- “Bachelorette” star, Jared has made it clear that he’s not committed to their relationship. Despite breaking up with her and telling her to pursue romantic connections with other people in the house, Ashley I. decided to ask “Bachelor in Paradise” host Chris Harrison for an overnight date card to take her crush out.

Fans know that Jared accepted the date … but what happens next? Viewers will find out in episode 6A on Sunday! According to the synopsis, Ashley I. will whisk Jared away to a “luxurious hotel to give their romantic connection a chance.” Jared agrees to spend the night with her in the fantasy suite, but it’s not clear if Ashley I’s “Princess Jasmine dreams come true.”

A sneak peek video from People magazine shows that the cast of “Bachelor in Paradise” isn’t so sure about Ashley I. and Jared’s romantic overnight date either. When the two return to the house, all Jared says about the date was that “it was good.” And Ashley I. stands in silence next to him, simply smiling at the other girls and acting shy.

“I think Ashley I. is more of a virgin after the fantasy suite,” Carly tells the cameras. “Is that even possible?”

Meanwhile, Jaclyn tells the cameras that she think Ashley I. is still a virgin, but if she’s not “then it definitely wasn’t good.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” fans can click HERE to watch the sneak peek and catch episode 6A on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. EDT.