“Bachelor in Paradise” fans definitely won’t want to miss episode 4A on Sunday, After last week’s dramatic shenanigans surrounding Joe and Samantha, things will continue to heat up as new connections are made and old relationships crumble.

Sunday night’s installment will pick up after last Monday’s fight between Joe and the other contestants. They feel strongly that Joe and Samantha conspired to meet in “Paradise,” and that Juelia was an unnecessary victim. Joe could honestly care less. According to the synopsis, he confirms that his “true intentions” were to meet his dream woman, Samantha.

With the rose ceremony looming, a couple of the women are going home. But after the problems with Joe, Juelia wants a “fair chance at love.” Before the rose ceremony, she pulls host Chris Harrison aside to ask for an “unprecedented favor.” What could the favor be? And will it give her another shot at love on “Bachelor in Paradise?

After another emotional – and shocking – rose ceremony, the group of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” alums are ready to continue their journey in Mexico. Tanner and Jade, who coupled up during week one, finally get a chance to head out on a date. They visit Tequila, Mexico, and “have a serious discussion about their future.” Meanwhile, the other contestants welcome another new face – Nick P. from Ashley Hebert’s season.

Like Joe, Nick P. entered the show looking to meet Samantha. But with Samantha already spoken for, Nick P. must find himself another lady love – newly single Ashley S! After things ended with Dan last week, Ashley S. is open to meeting and falling for another man. And according to the episode description, Nick P. might just be that guy. After a hurricane changes their date plans, the two contestants find that they have a lot of chemistry while enjoying a spa day.

Finally, “Bachelor in Paradise” fans can look forward to an emotional confrontation between Jared and Ashley I. Is their dramatic “relationship” over for good?

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2, episode 4A airs on ABC on Sunday, Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. EDT.