The “Bachelor in Paradise” season finale aired Monday night. Former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants joined the ABC spin-off series seeking another chance at love. There were sexy ocean hookups, some heartbreak over roses and all around jaw dropping drama … but is anyone leaving paradise with an exciting new relationship?

The season finale, episode 7, kicked off with six couples: Marcus and Lacy, Sarah and Robert, Christy and Tasos, Zack and Jackie, Cody and Michelle, and AshLee and Graham. Everyone seemed happy – until host Chris Harrison dropped a bombshell.

“Take a hard, honest look at your relationship,” Chris Harrison told the 12 “Bachelor in Paradise” cast members. “Do you see this transitioning from paradise to your everyday lives?”

The twist for the season finale was that the couples had to decide if they could see a relationship with their significant other past the show … or pack their bags and leave immediately.

Panic immediately set in for the “Bachelor in Paradise” cast members. “I have to decide if I’m going to marry him right now?” Michelle questioned everyone, referring to her relationship with Cody.

The guys and girls split up to mull things over. AshLee is certain that Graham is the one for her, but Graham is not as confident. Sarah wants to continue moving forward with Robert, but is unsure of what’s going on in his head. Jackie is struggling because she just met Zack and started a relationship with him. Cody is head over heels for Michelle, but the single mom is uncertain if she wants to take things to the next level and introduce him to her daughter. Meanwhile Marcus and Lacy are 100% sure that they want to continue on this journey.

Everyone seemed to be focusing on their own relationships – except for Michelle. The contestant couldn’t stop worrying about her ex-boyfriend Graham. Positive that AshLee is not the girl that Graham should end up with, Michelle went to confront him about her feelings. She explained that she doesn’t feel like AshLee is genuine, and Graham appeared to agree when he began to cry on her shoulder.

After talking with Michelle, Graham pulled AshLee aside and admitted that he wasn’t feeling “great” about their relationship. “I worry about us outside of this,” he confessed. AshLee tried to reassure him, however Graham stuck to his guns. “I don’t think I can continue on,” he said, ending things. “I’m sorry.”

Graham and AshLee were only the beginning of the breakups during the “Bachelor in Paradise” season finale. After the pair packed their bags, Tasos and Christy came to an agreement to not move forward with their paradise romance. Jackie and Zack split as well, however it was more of Jackie’s doing than Zack, who wanted more time with her.

Three couples left, but three couples decided to move forward – Robert and Sarah, Lacy and Marcus, and Michelle and Cody. Chris Harrison returned and told the six remaining contestants that they would be embarking on overnight dates to take their relationships to the next level.

The couples used their overnight dates to learn more about each other and see if they were falling in love with each other. Cody and Michelle returned on cloud nine, with Cody even admitting that he wanted to make her his wife someday. The time together made Michelle certain about their connection and happy that she chose to give Cody a chance.

Lacy and Marcus returned closer than ever before, while Robert and Sarah came back feeling “great” about their “amazing night.” However Sarah began to have doubts about their “amazing night” after listening to the other couples.

“He had his jeans on under the covers,” Sarah admitted to the cameras, expressing how upset she was about their lack of getting physical.

Upset and feeling rejected, Sarah confronted Robert about their overnight date. And surprisingly Robert was completely blindsided by her. Sarah told him how she didn’t feel like they connected on an emotional level and that it didn’t feel like he was excited being around her. Robert responded that he didn’t realize she was feeling that way. Sarah ended things with him, and Robert didn’t fight for her. Instead the pair parted ways, each heading off to cry about the failed romance.

Cody, Michelle, Lacy and Marcus were shocked over the break up. However, the four weren’t exactly in the clear yet. Chris Harrison broke out one more twist – successful couples of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” past were visiting to make sure that the “Bachelor in Paradise” couples have what it takes to have a successful relationship outside of paradise.

Jason and Molly Mesnick, Sean and Catherine Lowe, and Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock spoke with each couple about their romance in paradise. Jason and Molly were worried about Marcus moving on so fast from Andi, but gave Marcus and Lacy their blessing after speaking with them. Desiree and Chris were surprise that Cody and Michelle found each other, but agreed that they were perfect for each other. Sean and Catherine drilled each couple and were pleased with the results. In the end, the three successful “Bachelor” couples were certain that Cody, Michelle, Lacy and Marcus were perfect for each other – and more importantly there for the right reasons.

It was then time for the final rose ceremony. Cody and Michelle went first, and each said really sweet words to each other … including “I love you.” After exchanging roses the pair left paradise hand-in-hand. That left Lacy and Marcus, and Marcus was sweating bullets. Before they could reach the roses, Marcus asked Chris Harrison to have a moment alone with Lacy. He took Lacy to the beach where he confessed his feelings once more and got down on one knee with a ring. Lacy immediately said yes, accepting the proposal.

Michelle and Cody are still in love and Cody is moving to Utah to be closer to Michelle and her daughter. Lacy and Marcus are planning a spring wedding, and Lacy is moving to Dallas to be with her fiancé.

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