Single mom Emily Maynard is running out of time on The Bachelorette, with three contestants remaining in her search to find love for herself and a stepdad for her daughter.

Arie, Jef and Sean are left in the running after last week's hometown dates. Suitor Chris didn't make the cut even though Maynard liked him and got along with his family. She likes them all, but she can't have them all!

Maynard thanked all four of the families on her People magazine blog.

I have some memories I'll never forget, she wrote.

Fans weighed in on their own picks for the final rose ceremony on Twitter and on the show's Facebook page. Some even hoped for the unlikely outcome that Maynard would give the final rose to the show's host, Chris Harrison, who announced in May that he and his wife were splitting after 18 years of marriage.

One woman wrote in favor of Sean on the Facebook page: I say Texas boy....all the way!!!

Another female fan can't get enough of Maynard and her Utah suitor: Jef Jef Jef Jef - Jef all the way! And I am hoping ABC airs their wedding too! (and maybe a reality show?).

On Twitter, one fan with the handle @NortsProbs expressed a preference for Sean: Emily, I know being the bachelorette is tough and emotional. Why don't you let me step in and take over to help you out... ?#Marrymesean.

Director James Gunn revealed what he would have done for hometown dates: If I was on the Bachelorette & brought her home to meet my family I'd hire a couple of midgets to play my parents.

Maynard will eliminate one more hopeful on Monday night -- who do you think will make the cut?