It’s that time of the season -- episode 8 of “The Bachelorette” is once again coming stateside. After weeks of narrowing down contestants, Andi Dorfman has her final four men. But before the 26-year-old Atlanta beauty can move on to the fantasy suites, she must go on hometown dates to meet the families of her suitors.

Andi will start her hometown date visits in episode 8 with Nick V. in Milwaukee. The 33-year-old software sales executive and frontrunner in the competition will take Andi on a tour of his city. The pair will visit a brewery, which has a special beer named after the couple, and dabble in some “energetic polka dancing.” But things will take a turn for the serious when Andi is introduced to all 17 of Nick’s family members. The family oriented contestant is “devoted” to his parents and 10 siblings, and wants their blessing on the relationship before he tells Andi that he loves her. Nick’s feelings are obviously there … but their romance could potentially hit a roadblock if Andi can’t secure the approval of his family.

After leaving Nick’s family in Milwaukee, Andi will travel to Arlington, Iowa, to visit Chris. The 32-year-old farmer is head over heels for the bachelorette, but will his lifestyle scare Andi away? For Andi, who is used to city life in Atlanta, the beautiful Iowa countryside is definitely a big change.

Chris will take Andi for a tractor ride and romantic picnic in a cornfield before introducing her to his family. And while meeting someone’s family members can definitely be nerve-racking and awkward, Chris’ “fun-loving” family greets her with open arms and “small town hospitality.” The synopsis for episode 8 teases Chris’ family is “more than Andi could have hoped for” … but will their discussion about their future lead her to say goodbye?

The next stop on Andi’s hometown date journey is Tampa, Florida, to meet Josh’s family. The 29-year-old former professional baseball player opens up about his past, taking Andi on a date to his childhood field. It’s there that Andi learns underneath Josh’s confidence is the “pain from unfulfilled dreams.”

While Josh told Andi he was falling for her in Brussels, the bachelorette is still uncertain about his commitment. That uncertainty deepens in episode 8 when she sees how dedicated Josh and his family are to his brother’s pro football career, leading her to worry whether she fits into the family picture.

Andi’s final hometown date is with Marcus in Dallas. The 25-year-old sports medicine manager has a “surprise waiting for her upon her arrival,” and his family warmly welcomes her. Marcus’ deep feelings are proudly displayed. However, that only makes Andi worry about whether she’ll “be able to catch up.”

The bachelorette and four remaining contestants will return to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony where Andi will be forced to say goodbye to one man. But before she can make the tough decision, the group will be faced with the devastating news of contestant Eric Hill, who died in a paragliding accident. Shaken and upset, Andi will struggle to “put on a brave face” for the other men. However in the “most emotional rose ceremony of the season,” the bachelorette will bid adieu to “one stunned bachelor.”

Episode 8 of “The Bachelorette” will air on ABC on Monday, July 7, at 8 p.m. EDT. Who do you think will get sent home? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.