It’s time, “Bachelorette” fans! After weeks of getting to know the contestants and traveling the world, Andi Dorfman has narrowed her search for love down to four guys. It’s been a dramatic and heartbreaking ride so far, and the previews for the hometown dates tease that nothing will change as the group returns to the United States in episode 8.

For those who missed episode 7, Andi toured Belgium with her six remaining bachelors – Nick V., Josh M., Marcus, Brian, Dylan and Chris. Despite Nick sparking some drama among the guys with his cocky attitude, the 33-year-old software sales executive managed to secure the one rose of the episode … guaranteeing him a spot during hometown dates. Since Andi can visit only four hometowns, the bachelorette was forced to say goodbye to two of the contestants. After much deliberation, Andi made the tough decision to eliminate 26-year-old Dylan and 27-year-old Brian.

So, who is going to hometown dates in episode 8? It’s time to meet Andi Dorfman’s final four guys:

Nick V.

Nick V., 33, considers himself the frontrunner of the competition. Hailing from Chicago, he immediately caught Andi’s eye during the limo arrivals. Landing the first impression rose on night one, Nick V. has been nothing but a gentleman in front of Andi … but has morphed into a monster with the guys.

Confident with his relationship with the bachelorette, Nick V. has had no problem in opening up about his feelings. And in episode 7 he also displayed that he has no problems breaking the rules to secure that extra time with Andi.

While the passion they share is undeniable, Andi is also a little wary about the sweet talker. The 26-year-old assistant district attorney has witnessed his grouchy attitude on group dates, and is well aware that Nick doesn’t get along with the rest of the guys in the house.

In the promo video Nick tells his mother that he’s waiting for the right time to tell Andi that he loves her, but the contestant later tells the cameras that it’s over if his mom doesn’t approve.

Josh M.

Josh M., 29, is a former professional baseball player from Atlanta. The bachelorette was immediately attracted to him, even telling the cameras in episode 1 that the contestant was just her type. But Andi has also had bad experiences with her “type.” Wary that Josh’s athlete past might make him a “player” off the field, Andi has made it her mission to get the contestant to be open about his feelings.

The chemistry is definitely there, but their journey has definitely been a rocky one. While Josh thought he eased Andi’s worries, the bachelorette began to doubt him all over again when he expressed his anger over the lie detector tests. Fortunately they got their relationship back on track in episode 7 when Josh admitted that he was falling in love with her. But can their relationship survive the hometown dates? The promo video teases some potential issues that Andi might have with Josh’s family.


Marcus, 25, is a sports medicine manager from Dallas. While he’s been relatively quiet throughout the whole process, Andi has made it clear that she’s very physically attracted to him. Like Josh and Nick, Marcus has told Andi that he’s developed strong feelings for her. And in episode 7 he even opened up about his father leaving and his troubled childhood.

But things aren’t so simple between the two. Marcus admitted a couple weeks ago that he almost left the show, and that’s something that Andi hasn’t been able to get out of her mind.


Chris, 32, is a farmer from Arlington, Iowa. Andi has had a connection with the contestant since their first one-on-one date at the horse tracks, and her fondness for him has only grown since she discovered that he was her “secret admirer.”

While Chris is obviously head over heels for Andi, her strong relationship with Nick has been getting him riled up and testing his confidence over the past couple of weeks. Time apart from the rest of the guys might strengthen Chris’ confidence, or Andi’s arrival in Iowa could completely unravel everything.

“What would I do for work here?” she asks him in the promo video while they sit in an open field.

“There’s an opportunity to be a homemaker,” Chris tells her.

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