Welcome back, boys! “Bachelorette” star Kaitlyn Bristowe may have narrowed her search for love down to two men – but she still has to face the other contestants before viewers find out the Season 11 winner.

That’s right, the always-dramatic “Men Tell All” special is set to air on ABC on Monday, July 20. And if you thought things got tense during the season, then just wait until the men come face-to-face with their biggest enemies and the girl who broke their heart.

The “Men Tell All” episode will reunite “Bachelorette” fans with some of the biggest stars from Season 11 – Ben H., Ben Z., Chris “Cupcake,” Clint, Cory, Corey, Ian, Jared, JJ, Joe, Jonathan, Joshua, Justin, Kupah, Ryan M. and Tanner. The synopsis teases that the men will “return to confront each other and Kaitlyn one last time on national television.” And that’s not all. They’ve got some “dirt” to dish and want to tell their side of the story.

ABC is keeping spoilers about the special on lockdown, but we’ve got a couple things we need to see play out:

1.What’s Up With Tony?

Tony was certainly an interesting character. The 35-year-old healer left the show in week 3 after claiming he was uncomfortable with the “violent” aspects of the dates he was placed on. He’s not listed as one of the men appearing on the special, but we’re dying to know why he joined “The Bachelorette” and what he’s doing now.

2.The Return Of Ryan M.

Ryan M. was “Bachelor” alum Nikki Ferrell’s ex-boyfriend who was sent home by host Chris Harrison in week 1 after getting too drunk and being “horned up.” Did he join the show as a joke? Does he regret his actions? What in the world was he thinking? We need answers.

3. Kupah’s Meltdown

This is bound to be an awkward reunion! “Bachelorette” fans will remember that Kupah accused Kaitlyn of keeping him around to fill the “minority quota.” However, Kaitlyn was able to argue that Kupah didn’t even express interest in her during their boxing group date – he was “into it” with Leila Ali! Kaitlyn ended up eliminating him before the week 2 rose ceremony … something he did not take very well. Will he apologize? Does he still think he’s right?

4. Joshua’s Haircut

Kaitlyn gave Joshua a botched haircut AND eliminated him all in one night. Did his hair grow back? Has he moved on?

5. Joe’s Broken Heart

Joe was the biggest sweetheart this season, however things didn’t end well between him and Kaitlyn. He was sent packing in week 8 when Kaitlyn confessed that their relationship hadn’t progressed as quickly as the others. Joe was caught off guard by the breakup, and had one of the most uncomfortable goodbyes this season.

6. The Clint And JJ Saga

“Villains gotta Vil.” Clint and JJ – aka the “Brokeback Bachelors” – made quite the scene this season. Fans will remember that the two became very attached. But that didn’t stop JJ from throwing his friend under the bus when it came to elimination time. Clint seemed done with JJ when he left the show – but have they made up?

7. Ian Has Some Explaining To Do

Did Ian even come on “The Bachelorette” to find love? Or was he hoping to become the next “Bachelor”? The 28-year-old executive recruiter and Princeton alum has a lot of explaining to do after his bizarre behavior and nasty breakup with Kaitlyn.

8. Britt And Brady Update

What is going on with these two? Although Britt was eliminated during the week 1 vote, she still managed to find love when contestant Brady chose to leave the competition to pursue a relationship with her. Unfortunately, reports reveal that the two didn’t make it. What went wrong? Is there a chance of reconciliation? Viewers might have to wait until the “After The Final Rose” special in a few weeks.

9. New “Bachelor” Announcement

The odds of Chris Harrison announcing the next “Bachelor” during the “Men Tell All” episode is very slim … but fans can still dream. Fingers crossed that the possibility is at least discussed with frontrunner Ben H.

"The Bachelorette: Men Tell All" special airs on ABC on Monday, July 20 at 8 p.m. EDT.