“The Bachelorette” started off with 25 single men (and added one along the way), but now the competition is down to two. Star Kaitlyn Bristowe has managed to find two men that fit into her heart – Shawn and Nick – but only one of them can walk away the winner of Season 11.

Kaitlyn’s journey to love comes to an end on ABC on Monday, July 27. After weeks of drama, tears and heartache, the 29-year-old dance instructor from Vancouver has a big decision to make. Can she see a future with Nick? Or is Shawn the husband she’s been looking for?

Unfortunately Kaitlyn has a little more drama to face before she can walk into the sunset with the man of her dreams. According to the synopsis for the season finale, Kaitlyn is still “concerned” about Shawn’s “jealous nature.” She’s certainly thrown him a couple of curve balls along the way, and his feelings about Nick are quite clear. However, Kaitlyn fears that his attitude will “sabotage” their connection.

Things with Nick are slightly different. As the episode description teases, Kaitlyn and Nick have had an “undeniably passionate and intense” relationship so far. But what happens when the cameras turn off and they return to their respective homes? Can their relationship survive when “their physical attraction fades”?

There is no clear winner as Kaitlyn can see a future with both contestants. However, both men also have to face her parents. Will they give their blessings to both men? Will their opinion about them play a role in Kaitlyn’s decision? There is no time to stall. The Bachelorette has to choose Nick or Shawn … or dump both of them in the finale.

“The Bachelorette” two hour Season 11 finale will air on ABC on Monday, July 27 at 8 p.m. EDT. Fans can stay tuned for the “After the Final Rose” special at 10 p.m. EDT to watch host Chris Harrison speak with Kaitlyn, Shawn and Nick.