Just as Colton Underwood’s reign as “The Bachelor” comes to an end, a new “Bachelorette” is taking over the Bachelor Mansion. Tuesday’s Season 23 finale will see host Chris Harrison announce the newest “The Bachelorette” lead, though her name has already been leaked.

Thanks to behind-the-scenes videos and spoilers from Reality Steve, it is known that Hannah Brown will be the show’s Season 15 star. According to the blogger, Hannah B.’s contestants have already arrived in Los Angeles ahead of filming, which kicks off on Thursday.

Ahead of ABC’s big announcement, and the premiere of Hannah’s season later this year, Reality Steve has released the names, age, and occupations of 15 of her 2019 contestants. It is worth noting that some of the men could get “cut at the last minute,” according to the report. Meet the rumored cast members below!

Brian Bowles

The 29-year-old teaches math at a high school in Louisville, Kentucky, where he is from. His Facebook photos also show he is athletic.

Cameron (Cam) Ayala

He’s 30 and from Austin, Texas. The Texas A&M graduate works in computer software sales and according to his social media posts, suffers from lymphedema. Cam’s Instagram and Facebook pages are private, but you can view a photo of him here.

Chasen Coscia

The commercial airline pilot and outdoorsman is 27 and is based out of Detroit. He hails from Washington. His Instagram page is now private.

Connor Saeli

Connor is a 24-year-old analyst at Goldman Sachs from Dallas. Check out his Facebook photos here.

Daron Blaylock


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The 25-year-old Atlanta resident is university football player who comes from an athletic family. His dad is former NBA player Mookie Blaylock. Daron also reportedly has a twin brother.

Dylan Barbour

The 24-year-old from San Diego is a co-founder of the Vizer app, which is dedicated to health and fitness. Check out his Twitter profile picture here.

Garrett Powell

The assistant golf professional is 28-years-old and is from Birmingham, Alabama. View his Facebook photos here.

Jed Wyatt

The 25-year-old is a musician out of Nashville. He just released a single and is an alum of Belmont University. He was also a male revue dancer. View his Facebook photos here.

Joe Barsano

The 30-year-old is an account representative from Chicago. He graduated from North Park University with a degree in economics. Here's his Facebook page.

Luke Parker

The Gainesville, Georgia, native is 24 and played college baseball at Faulkner University in Alabama. His job is listed as entrepreneur. His Instagram page is private, but his photos are available to check out on Facebook.

Luke Stone

The George Washington University political science graduate is 28 and hails from Washington, D.C. He is reported to be an employee at StateScape. View his photos here.

Matt Dione

The senior associate is 31-years-old and lives in Orlando, Florida. His dog has her own Instagram page, though his page personal one is currently private.

Sammy (Sam) Maniscalco


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The 30-year-old is a sales rep from Chicago. He’s also a former athlete. He is pictured on the left in the above photo.

Tyler Cameron


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The 26-year-old from Jupiter, Florida, played university football. He works as a male model and also in construction.

Tyler Gwozdz

The 28-year-old from Nashville works as a regional sales manager who currently lives in Austin. He recently set his Instagram account to private.

ABC will announce its "The Bachelorette" Season 15 lead on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST as part of "The Bachelor" 2019 finale.