“The Bachelor” fans shouldn’t count on ABC picking finalist Hannah Godwin as its next “Bachelorette.” A quick look at social media shows a large number of fans are rooting for the 23-year-old content creator to be the network’s new lead, but if rumors are to be believed, the honor has already been bestowed to her former co-star, Hannah Brown.

Ahead of ABC’s big “The Bachelorette” announcement on Tuesday, a report from Reality Steve, as well as numerous leaked videos of Hannah B. filming, suggest she is the Season 15 star. And while this news is being happily welcomed by some fans of the long-running show, others are confused by the pick.

In seasons past, “Bachelor” finalists have been selected to be the next “Bachelorette.” Viewers will remember Hannah B. was eliminated before hometown dates. With Hannah G. being one of current star Colton Underwood’s final two, the selection would make sense, especially with rumors suggesting she won’t get her promised overnight date.

The fan-suggested pick makes even more sense when you consider Hannah G.’s competition. Fellow final two, Tayshia Adams, has been accused of having had a serious boyfriend days before filming started, which likely ruined her chances of being the next lead. Then you have Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who was originally speculated to be the front-runner before it came to light she may have had “Bachelorette” plans all along. 

As for Cassie Randolph, she is reportedly the Season 23 winner and is currently dating Colton, which eliminates her from the running.

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The notorious spoiler blogger made a point as to why Hannah G. most likely wasn’t selected to be ABC’s newest “Bachelorette” and it all has to do with drama. When asked by one reader why Hannah G.'s footage was largely absent from recent episodes, he said it was likely due to her personality. 

“I just think some people every season manage to stay drama free, which is fine for them personally, but for the viewer, sometimes that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing,” he wrote last week.

It looks like Hannah G. will just have to stick to finding love in Paradise.

hannah g the bachelorette Hannah G. reportedly won't be ABC's next "The Bachelorette" after starring on "Bachelor" Colton Underwood's season. Colton is pictured here with host Chris Harrison.