A new episode of The Bachelorette aired Monday night, and now Emily Maynard is down to three potential matches. A look into next week's episode published by TV Guide reveals what's in store for the next episode, and how it could possible shape the Bachelorette's decision.

Host Chris Harrison told TV Guide that Maynard and the final three will be sharing fantasy suites for the next episode. This indicates that the hopeful contenders will be embarking on an overnight date with the 26-year-old single mother.

In the previous episode, Maynard sent home Chris, leaving Arie, Jef and Sean left to compete for her affection. But the fact that Maynard is a mother could affect how these overnight dates play out in next week's installment.

Of course there is an issue, Harrison said, according to Examiner. In this scenario, it's interesting because Emily is a mom, so there's definitely a conversation about it.

ABC has teased that there is an impending possibility of intimate overnight dates, although spoilers from Reality Steve have indicated that Maynard declines this offer. However, in the next episode, the Bachelorette will be taking a helicopter ride with Sean overlooking Curacao, and the two will spend some time snorkeling together as well. Previews also indicate that Sean will tell her that he loves her that night.

In the fantasy suite, it's a battle between Emily's head and heart, as she wrestles with her decision to allow her date to spend the night, ABC teases.

The dating show host also said that for Maynard, her decision means more than just choosing a romantic partner; it determines a lifestyle choice.

Things aren't going to get easier, and Emily isn't going to get an easy out, he said. From here on out it's Emily trying to choose a lifestyle, a father for Ricki and a great man and husband for herself. These guys get better each week and in my opinion she's narrowed it down to three phenomenal guys.

For those itching to know which bachelor Maynard will choose, Spoiler Steve has provided some insight. Although the final episode has yet to air, the reality show insider claims to know who will win Maynard's heart.

According to his official website, Maynard and Jef left Curacao as an engaged couple, and the two are still together today.

Not sure who went home after the overnights (if anyone), not sure who (if anyone) met Ricki, not sure if the final rose ceremony has one, two or three guys proposing, he wrote on his website. I just know that Jef definitely proposed in Curacao, she accepted, and they are engaged.

Reality Steve also wrote that it took him six weeks to confirm the news, and has revealed some speculation as to who will be willing to speak after the show is over. Be sure to tune in to The Bachelorette finale on ABC July 16 to see if Steve's predictions are correct.