On “The Bachelorette” finale Brooks Forester may have congratulated Desiree Hartsock on her engagement to Chris Siegfried … but now he’s making fun of her fiancé on Twitter!

Brooks took to his Twitter on Sunday, Aug. 10, to post the following message: “Time flies like an arrow. Veggies fly like a tomato.”

While the post may initially be confusing to some, “Bachelorette” fans will recognize that he’s actually poking fun of Chris, who spent the whole season writing poetry for Desiree. Although a few “Bachelorette” viewers will openly admit to rolling their eyes at some of Chris’ rhyming, the overall feeling on his poetry was that it was a really sweet gesture -- and obviously Desiree agreed!

It’s easy to believe that Brooks’ post could be an inside joke rather than a stab at Chris … except Desiree’s ex-boyfriend actually name dropped Chris in his next tweet. When one of his followers replied, “You should write a poem,” Brooks responded: “Poems are written and poems are read but thanks to @ChrisRSiegfried poems are dead. #MuchLoveChris.”

Chris took the high road and didn’t take the time to respond to Brooks’ Twitter diss. In fact, he’s ignoring his fellow “Bachelorette” contestant and continuing to post poems for his Twitter followers!

“For those who are asking … Here is another piece. #moretocome #Diamonds&Hearts,” Chris wrote, along with a photo of a poem he wrote called “Waiting For The Call.”

Bachelorette Chris
Chris posted this poem called "Waiting For The Call." Chris Siegfried/ Instagram

The next day he posted another poem, this one called, “Hesitation, No More.” And fortunately for him, “Bachelorette” fans seem to disagree with Brooks. “It’s time for a blog,” one follower posted. “We want more #poetry.”

Hesitation Bachelorette Chris
Chris posted another poem called "Hesitation, No More." Chris Siegfried/ Instagram

Are you on Team Brooks and believe that poetry is dead? Or are you Team Chris? Let us know in the comments section.