Not everybody can be a poet but that should not stop one from trying. Therefore, Bad Poetry Day is celebrated every year on Aug. 18 to encourage people to create any type of poetry they wish, even if it is terrible.

Apart from creating poetry alone, one can also celebrate the day by hosting a bad poetry writing competition. So, invite some friends and relatives over, give them pen and paper and brainstorm topics that poetry could be written about.

On this occasion, here are some of the funniest and badly written poems shared by people on social media.

1. "I woke up this morning

With the sun in my eye

Saw it was bad poetry day

So I've given it a try."

2. "Twitter tweets are quite a treat

They’re short and sweet

And really neat

It’s such a blast

That they don’t last!"

3. "Roses are red memes are now dated

All I hope is that you stay hydrated."

4. "The walls have eyes. Aye.

The walls know why. Bye.

The walls see all.

They can't be stalled.

The all-walled-bye-eyed walls."

5. "I should be glad

Bad poetry is just a fad

But nonetheless would like to say

I wish that it would go away."

6. "It is rather pretty

The Awkwardness…

It is the art of people

who have too much poetry in their heads."

7. "Arteries are red

Veins are blue

I know science

And now so do you."

8. "There was a young girl who wrote rhymes

She wrote at peculiar times

Then one day she quit S

he thought they were s—t."

9. "Once pined a Jedi named Yoda

That inclined his way of speaking

To titter his friends

Which bitter made him

Plus his limericks rhymed none of."

10. "Okay, here we go(w)

Let's get with the flow

I wrote this just now

I do not know how

Eye rhymes, eh? Wow."

11. "I'm a cryptic writer

I'm an ignorant fool

I'm a poor excuse for poetry

Trying to play it cool."

Writing. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)