Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters killed it on the main stage at Saturday's Bamboozle. Lisa Eadicicco

The main attraction for Saturday's Day 2 of Bamboozle was the Foo Fighters. Although doors opened at 2 p.m., fans had to wait until 7:30 to see the legendary band rock the beach of Asbury Park, N.J.

Once the band finally hit the Main Stage, it seemed as if none of the other stages existed. Thousands crammed towards the front as best they could, excited for the chance to listen to the band that had been flowing through their speakers since 1994.

As founder Dave Grohl, stepped out on stage, he held his hand up to his ear, demanding to hear more noise from the crowd.

The Foo Fighters started their set off with All My Life. Crowds (and the festival cameras) were immediately drawn to drummer Taylor Hawkins, who had a smile plastered on his face that looked hauntingly like Jack Nicholson in The Shininng.

You wanna f***in dance? Let's f***in' dance Grohl yelled into the crowd at the conclusion of the first song, before jumping into The Pretender.

Grohl was a wild animal performing, his enthusiasm contagious. Between jumping on one foot and repeatedly running from side to side on the stage (needless to say he gave photographers a workout), Grohl performed as if it were his first time, excited to see the crowd. Between all the head-banging and working up a sweat, his long hair rarely left his face.

Swinging into My Hero, Grohl was yelling so much yelling it seemed he would have no voice after the two-hour set. As for Hawkins on drums, the way his arms were moving so fast (like Animal of The Muppets), my arms were sore from just watching him.

Between songs, Grohl took the time to pump up the crowd who was already in a frenzy. AYYYEEEEE, Grohl yelled into the crowd four times, each time getting a louder AYYYEEEE back from the crowd. Finally, Grohl says into the mic, Aye...How the f*** are you? Yeah me too.

You know we're gonna play for a long f***in' time tonight. We were like really? That's it? explained a comedic Grohl to the crowd.

Taking a little break from his standup routine, the band jumped into Learn To Fly. Right after the song though, the stage once again turned into a Dave Grohl comedy hour. This is starting to feel like a rock and roll festival, he teased to the thousands of fans.

The Foo Fighters played Arlandria and Breakout, and in between those songs, Hawkins' shirt came off to a grateful crowd.

This is f***in' beautiful, said Grohl taking in his surroundings. You got the ocean. You got a beautiful's a little smaller than your average Foo Fighters gig, he said jabbing at the crowd.

Grohl then took the time to introduce the band to the crowd. Joining the Foo Fighters for their Bamboozle performance was special guest Rami Jaffee on organ. Without him, the band wouldn't have had the organ on two songs tonight, Grohl noted.

The Foo Fighters lead singer then introduced bass guitarist Nate Mendel, guitarists Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear, and of course, the Jack Nicholson Shining doppelganger, Taylor Hawkins on drums.

After some light teasing and praise between Grohl and Hawkins, the drummer managed to get Grohl (the former drummer of Nirvana) to hop on the drums. Drinking a Heineken on stage, Grohl turned to Hawkins and said Stop it, I hate the f***in' attention.

But after seven beers and a couple shots of Crown, Grohl did sit down at the drums. The roar from the crowd was deafening, as Bamboozlers realized they were going to get a glimpse of the former Nirvana drummer in action, something most had only witnessed from old footage. With Grohl on drums, Hawkins took the mic for lead vocals of Cold Day in the Sun, from In Your Honor.

After Cold Day in the Sun, Grohl and Hawkins switched it back up to perform a few more songs, including Walk.

While the cameras were capturing the bands performance, they managed to capture something else happening on stage. A random fan somehow made it to the stage and ran across.

The band dedicated the next song to him. That takes some pretty big balls, said Grohl of their stage invader. He's probably getting his ass handed to him. I'd like to dedicate this one to him.

Overall the Foo Fighters set seemed to be the highlight of not only Day 2, but so far of the whole weekend.