Colton Harris Moore, better known perhaps as the Barefoot Bandit (so named after a famous crime spree that he committed barefoot), has been sentenced to 7-and-a-half years in prison, after he pleaded guilty on Friday in a Washington state court, on all 33 charges against him.

Judge Vickie Churchill did not impose the maximum allowed sentence of 10 years, as sought by the prosecutors, considering his offer to compensate his victims, an abusive childhood, poverty and alcoholic parents (which led him to begin stealing food and shoes from neighbors at 13), reported The Los Angeles Times.

Moore was accused of multiple crimes in numerous jurisdictions in Washington, relating to residential burglaries, identity thefts, a firearm theft, a car theft, attempting to elude a police vehicle and other offenses, according to the court memorandum, reported

Earlier in June this year, 20-year-old Moore pleaded guilty to seven federal charges which stemmed from his actions that led to his dramatic capture in July 2010 in the Bahamas, after being on the run for two years. He crashed a stolen plane on one of the islands and was trying to escape on a stolen boat. According to a New York Times report, Moore will be sentenced on these charges next month in Seattle.

Incidentally, Moore has also agreed to give up any profits that may come from book or film deals on his story, said a report. As part of the federal plea deal, his attorney indicated that all such proceeds would go to his victims. Moore owes approximately $1.4 million in compensation. His attorney also said his client hopes to go to college one day and wants to study aviation or engineering.