• Barron Trump could reportedly follow in Melania Trump's footsteps
  • Barron Trump could have a career in fashion
  • Some netizens are convinced Barron Trump could be a basketball player 

Barron Trump has been making headlines throughout the past couple of weeks because of his good looks and towering height. But an expert also shed insight into what the teenager’s future career could be.

While speaking with Express, US commentator Jadan Horyn said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Barron would follow in Melania Trump’s footsteps and enter the world of fashion. After all, the teenager appears to be artistic.

“He certainly has the familial connection to make that happen. I would say that Melania has an extraordinarily sharp taste. I would not be surprised since artistic taste and style tends to be inherited,” he said.

Horyn also talked about Barron’s fashion and said that he can certainly dress to kill so it wouldn’t be surprising if he expresses interest in the field.

Last month, some netizens also speculated on Barron’s future career and said that he could be a basketball player. After all, he’s already much taller than his dad, Donald Trump, even though he’s just 13 years old.

“Barron Trump is going to be the greatest dunker the NBA has ever seen,” Twitter user @BarstoolNewsN said.

“Can’t wait to watch him own some limbs in court,” Twitter user @darthblovious said.

However, the exact same photo of Barron sparked outrageous rumors about his biological father, as well as his mental development. Other critics also claimed that the FLOTUS and the POTUS must have encouraged him to take growth hormones or steroids.

“He’s autistic. Everyone knows that,” Twitter user @Midnightlady927 said.

“Russian steroids!” Twitter user @JazCleveland923 said.

“Who is his father?” Twitter user @Monarchwarrior said.

“That kid took growing pills,” Twitter user @candalfgp04 said.

“Nobody in Trump’s family is that tall. Makes you wonder,” Twitter user @mitchhorwitz56 said.

“Russian basketball player dad?” Twitter user @6thelementearth said.

“The real father must be tall too,” Twitter user @landman1927 said.

“Definitely better looking than his dad!” Twitter user @Pamela43908354 said.

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U.S. President Donald Trump (C) departs the White House with first lady Melania Trump (R) and their son, Barron (L), February 01, 2019 in Washington, DC. Win McNamee/Getty Images