Dylan (Max Thieriot, left) and Emma (Olivia Cooke) will be forced to help an emotional Norman (Freddie Highmore) in episode 6 of "Bates Motel." A&E

Brace yourselves, “Bates Motel” fans. After last week’s dramatic installment of A&E’s chilling series, the problems within the Bates family will only worsen in episode 6. Actor Max Thieriot, who portrays Dylan in the “Psycho” prequel, revealed to International Business Times that Monday night’s episode will let fans know where Dylan and Norman (Freddie Highmore) stand after Norma’s (Vera Farmiga) emotional departure from their home.

“It sort of explains what’s going to happen and their relationship,” Thieriot explained of his character and Norman. “It definitely changes their relationship.”

For those who missed the drama last week, Dylan finally came clean to Norma that he was harboring his father – aka Norma’s estranged brother, Caleb (Kenny Johnson). Although Norma and Dylan have managed to bond over Norman’s sickness and other issues, Norma couldn’t get past Dylan’s betrayal. After finding out that Dylan wanted her to talk to the man that raped her as a teen, Norma packed her bags – and gun – and fled the house.

As expected, Norman tried to race after his beloved mother. But Dylan restrained him. When Norman called out for his mother, she responded that Dylan would take care of him now.

Episode 6 of Season 3, titled “Norma Louise,” will find Norma considering “life outside of White Pine Bay.” This will put an already fragile Norman in a “vulnerable position.” The synopsis continues that Norman will have a tough time dealing with his mother’s emotional breakdown, and that Dylan will bond with Emma (Olivia Cooke) as they try to help him. But the big shocker of the evening will be Caleb’s “difficult decision” after he finds out that his request to speak with his sister caused Norma to run away.

Season 3, episode 6 of “Bates Motel” will air on A&E on Monday, April 13 at 9 p.m. EDT.