Freddie Highmore as Norman
In the trailer for the Season 5 finale of “Bates Motel,” Romero (Nestor Carbonell) takes Norman (Freddie Highmore) into the woods and brutally beats him. A&E

Will Romero (Nestor Carbonell) finally avenge Norma’s (Vera Farmiga) death in Season 5 finale of “Bates Motel”?

In the trailer for the series finale, Romero takes Norman (Freddie Highmore) into the woods and brutally beats him. At some point in the preview clip, Romero also points a gun to Norman’s head, meaning to end his step-son’s life once and for all.

Although it looks impossible for Norman to survive Romero’s rage, there’s still a glimmer of hope for the poor motel owner, as his brother, Dylan (Max Thieriot), is still committed to protecting him until the very end.

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“Norman is sick. He needs help,” Dylan is heard saying in the trailer.

In a recent interview with TVLine, executive producer Carlton Cuse said that Dylan will continue to be “torn between his wife (Olivia Cooke’s Emma) and his sense of obligation to help fix the Norman problem” in the series finale.

“The question is can their relationship survive the seismic stress that is the discovery that Norman is this serial killer and responsible for all of these deaths, including Emma’s mother,” Cuse added.

Although it was previously reported that there will be more deaths before the series finally comes to a close, Cuse told TV Insider that fans can expect a “satisfying ending” for all the characters, including Norman.

“From very early on, we had a plan for the end of the show,” Cuse added. “It’s very satisfying as a writer to get to the end of your narrative. We got a chance to tell the story from beginning to end, and we’re really excited for the audience to see the last few episodes and see how it all comes to a close. And it does very definitively, in our minds, come to a close!”

“Bates Motel” Season 5 finale, titled “The Cord,” airs on Monday, April 24 at 10 p.m. EDT on A&E.