Batmaning involves suspending oneself upside down in a rather awkward location -- and is a revival of hilarious Planking where a person lies down in the most obscure and dangerous places.

Batmaning, which is the latest 'position craze' spreading among netizens, draws its name from the nocturnal mammal which inspired the superhero.

To Batman, a peron must hang upside down and hold on only by his or her feet from a door, a ledge, anything for that matter. Batmaning has become a Facebook sensation like planking, owling, horsemaning, or cone-ing.

A group of young men, calling themselves the Batman Boilers, came up with the daredevil sport challenging the likes of popular planking, owling and horsemaning.

When we tried Batmaning and found out it was possible, we searched to find that no one had a successful Batmaning video, said Chris Ganz, a member of the Batman Boilers in a Twitter post.

The video shows people performing the stunt as the Batman theme tune is played in the background.

Take a glimpse of the batmaning photos as given in Facebook Batmaning community page: