When a bear spotted a dumpster behind a restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colo., he decided to hedge his bets and make off with the pile of garbage.

The theft, which was caught on surveillance video, has since gone viral with more than 2,000 shares on Facebook.

“Intruder stealing the dumpster last night,” Edelweiss Restaurant said on its Facebook page. “WOW. This must be the Mama.”

The 40-second clip shows the massive bear sniffing the dumpster located behind the restaurant. After climbing on top of the dumpster, the bear manages to push it out of the camera’s sight.

"He just grabbed right onto it," Dieter Schnakenberg, Edelweiss Restaurant's manager, told local 9 News on Thursday. The bear managed to push the garbage bin 50 feet to the parking lot, where he flipped it to get to the food inside, Sky Valley Chronicle reports.

This was the second time the 6-foot bear had a craving for German food. On Tuesday night, the bear made its first appearance. Both times the bear managed to wheel the dumpster to the parking lot to feast on the schnitzel and sausages.

"He must like our food. He does take out," restaurant co-owner Helga Schnakenberg told THV 11. "It looks like he's using a shopping cart."

Restaurant owners recently installed the surveillance system after being the target of graffiti. "We just wanted to protect the place a little," Schnakenberg said.

One Facebook commenter joked that the bear wanted to feast on the food at home. “I’ll take that to go!” Hilary Reynolds Burton said.