• Florida Highway Patrol was handling the crash site
  • The nearby road was closed while the police worked to clear the litter
  • No injuries were reported in the crash

It's raining beer on Interstate 95. Part of a humongous load of bottled and canner beer being trucked through a Florida highway ended up being spilled onto the pavement after the vehicle got into a crash on Thursday.

The crash caused the closure of two southbound lanes of Interstate 95 at Mile Marker 305 near the Marineland Exit, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. The roadway was left littered with cans and bottles of beer following the accident.

Officials said no one was injured in the crash. Florida Highway Patrol was at the site and was working to clear the roadway of the spillage.

In the photos shared on Twitter, the truck can be seen seared open by the impact of the crash. Dozens of beer bottles and beer cans can also be seen scattered on the road.

"Two southbound lanes on I95 are closed due to a crash at Mile Marker 305 (near the Marineland Exit). FHP is on scene & handling the crash, " the statement read. "There is dense fog this morning so please drive w/ caution as first responders/utility workers work to clear the scene."

Trucking isn't easy, especially while hauling flammable substances like alcohol that can lead to loss of lives in the event of a crash. In a similar incident that took place in June 2013, a driver was lucky enough to avoid injuries when his truck carrying a load of scotch whiskey overturned and burst into flames on a New Jersey road.

The truck clipped a telephone pole and then hit a car, toppling and flipping its load in the process. Fire officials said the safety valve atop the vehicle's tank was burst open due to the impact of the crash, spilling whiskey onto the street which instantly caught fire.

The police said that the victims were kidnapped, tied up and tortured for hours in the back of a moving truck. pixabay