Ben Seewald has a lot to say when it comes to his wife, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald. While the mom-to-be has been busy keeping her “19 Kids and Counting” fans up-to-date on her condition since announcing she was expecting last month, her husband and co-star took the reins Wednesday, sharing how the pregnancy of his wife of six months is progressing.

“We’ve been traveling so much recently! Spring has been quite eventful! We’re still trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we’re expecting!” Ben wrote in a blog post on the official Seewalds family website.

The first-time dad added that while the idea of welcoming their first child together this November “thrills” him, it also feels surreal. “We haven’t had much time to let it sink in,” he admitted.

While Ben, 19, and Jessa, 22, await the arrival of their little one, they have been attending Southern Women’s Show events throughout the U.S. in recent months. With their appearance at the Alive Festival in Mineral City, Ohio, coming up June 17, Ben hinted there may be big things, other than a little baby, on their horizon.

“New adventures await tomorrow. New people to meet. New opportunity to share the love of Christ that has captured my heart,” he wrote. “I’m so blessed to be alongside my beautiful bride and our little one on the way.”

Ben last spoke out about his wife Jessa’s pregnancy on Instagram Monday in honor of her first Mother’s Day. “So grateful to celebrate our first Mother’s Day yesterday,” he wrote. “You’re already an amazing mother! I love you and our little one on the way!”

A photograph of Jessa receiving her first bouquet of roses from Ben during their courtship days accompanied the touching post.

Jessa, who is due to deliver Nov. 1, is rumored to have recently divulged her plans for a gender reveal. Radar Online reported the TLC reality-television star told fans during an appearance at the Cross Church Compassion Center in Springdale, Arkansas, this month that she plans to learn the child’s sex in June.

As for when “19 Kids and Counting” viewers will learn the gender, it appears that plan is up in the air. “We’re actually thinking about keeping it a secret, like just Ben and I know, but we’re not sure,” Jessa was reportedly overheard saying.

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