Sorry, ladies. Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly off the market.

According to new reports, the 37-year-old “Sherlock” TV actor has a new leading lady in his life, a woman whose identity he is rumored to be working hard to keep a secret. “Benedict has a girlfriend,” an insider revealed to Wednesday. “He’s keeping it hush-hush but it’s safe to say he’s smitten!”

So why the secrecy? While the names of Cumberbatch’s former conquests are well-known by his devout followers, the UK native and "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" actor is reportedly planning to keep his new girlfriend of a few months under wraps due to her non A-list status. “She isn’t in the public eye, and has quite a serious career, so [she] is keen to remain anonymous as long as possible,” said an insider.

Rumors of Cumberbatch’s new romance comes two years after he ended his brief fling with fashion designer Anna Jones. Following his 2012 split,  Cumberbatch’s sister, Tracy Peacock/Tabernacle, hinted to the UK’s The Sun that the brunette stunner wasn’t a great intellectual match for her TV star sibling. “You have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him. I think that is possibly why he has trouble with girlfriends. He is such a lot like Sherlock- he is quick thing like him, but not harsh. He’s incredibly well read. In comparison to some he is quite an intellectual,” Peacock said.

While Cumberbatch has yet to open up about his rumored new love, fans might just be hearing wedding bells in the future. “One of his regrets is that he hasn’t found someone to settle down with,” Peacock said, also sharing her belief that an individual outside of the entertainment field would be the best fit for her brother. “I they think would have to be someone not in the acting profession. Someone who was happy to hold the fort while he went off and pursued his career,” she said.

Prior to his short-lived romance with Jones, Cumberbatch was linked to his longtime love, actress and screenwriter Olivia Poulet, 35. Despite their split in 2010 after  over one decade together, the TV star spoke out about his ex to Vogue last September, telling the magazine that he will always have warm feelings for his college sweetheart. “We are still good friends,” Cumberbatch said. “There was no acrimony. I love her, adore her, always will.”