jennifer lawrence prank
Actress Jennifer Lawrence played an epic prank on two YouTubers in 2015. Rewatch her prank in honor of April Fools' Day! Pictured: Lawrence at Vertice Studio on Nov. 26, 2015 in Madrid. Getty Images

What's better than watching a celebrity pull off an epic prank? April Fools' Day is the best time to pull a fast one on your loved ones and friends, and celebrities are no exception. Watch as YouTubers, actors and singers alike bring the laughs by fooling by other A-listers and innocent bystanders in the following clips in celebration of the 2016 date.

1. Justin Timberlake — Who could forget Ashton Kutcher’s prank on Timberlake on the MTV series “Punk’d”? In 2003, Kutcher had the “Mirrors” singer believing his house, possessions and dogs were being seized by the U.S. government for not paying his federal income taxes. Before Kutcher revealed it was all a joke, prankster Dax Sherpard told Timberlake his items could be sold at a public auction and crushed one of his guitars.

2. Shay Mitchell — After the “Pretty Little Liars” star revealed she’s a big fan of YouTuber fouseyTUBE, also known as Yousef Eraket, the notorious prankster decide to pull a scary prank her. In the May 2015 video Mitchell is picked up from an event by Eraket, who is dressed as a limo driver. During the drive to Mitchell’s house, he repeatedly picked up calls from Joker, a drug dealer. Eraket then takes Mitchell off course to a lot where he meets the individual to deliver him his money. What unfolds is a fake gun fight, which leaves Mitchell and her assistant in tears in the backseat of the car.

3. Chris Pratt — You would think a raptor trainer would be more calm around dinosaurs. YouTube channel SA Wardega pranked the “Jurassic World” star by settling up two of their life-size dinosaur puppets — one wearing a wig — to chase the actor down a hallway in a June 2015 set up. Pratt took the prank well, saying their dinosaur figures “looked great.”

4. Taylor Swift — Ellen DeGeneres loves pranking her guests but it was a 2010 setup on singer Taylor Swift that has remained one of her most memorable to date. Watch as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” host scares the “Shake It Off” performer in a fake dressing room.

5. Jimmy Kimmel — The comedian and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host pranked the world in 2013 by putting a video of a girl catching on fire while twerking online. After the video went viral, Kimmel revealed the footage was the work of a stunt woman on his show.

6. Channing Tatum — Some “Magic Mike XXL” fan’s dreams came true when the lead actor made a surprise appearance at a showing of the film in June, well… sort of. Tatum pranked moviegoers by going to the screening undercover as an aging studio marketing executive looking for feedback about the dance film. Watch what happens when “Scott” gives one attendee a lap dance.

7. Jennifer Lawrence —This two-way prank had YouTube Smosh stars Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox sweating it out. In the clip, Anthony feeds Ian silly questions through an ear piece to ask the actress during a “Mockingjay” interview. Little do the friends know but Lawrence is actually pranking them in return. She’s being told how to respond to his inquiries by a longtime Smosh fan and her co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

8. Jennifer Aniston — BBC Radio 1 played a prank on one of their reporters by asking actress Jennifer Aniston to play the role of “worst interviewee ever” and be “super, super mean” in a 2014 sitdown. In a quest to make it Chris Stark’s worst interview ever, Aniston becomes irate when he asks about her dating techniques and fondness for writing erotica. He responds by calling the prank a “nightmare.”

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