Trick: Top cupcakes with mayonnaise instead of icing for April Fools’ Day. Reuters

April Fools’ Day is a whole pile of laughs — as long as you’re not the only being pranked. This article will be helpful to both the trickster and potential victim Friday, April 1. For people who hope to play a joke on their significant other, there are some good ideas here. And for those who do not want to fall for a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s tricks, here’s what to look out for.

1. Plastic-wrap the toilet bowl. This might be one of the oldest pranks in the book, but it’s a great way to get someone in the wee hours of April 1. All you have to do is place the plastic wrap across the toilet rim — the only problem is that it is really messy. An alternative is to put bubble wrap just on the rim itself, so that when the seat is lowered, the target will be startled by the popping noise.

2. Soap that won’t lather. This is another trick for the morning. Simply paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish. Clean and easy!

3. Cream cheese deodorant. Shave off about an inch of deodorant, then fill the container with cream cheese. Your victim will walk around with a strange odor before he or she realizes it’s April Fools’ Day!

4. Numb mouth. By placing Orajel deep in the bristles of someone’s toothbrush, their gums will go slightly numb.

5. Mayonnaise cupcakes. It might be best to do this trick the day before April Fools’, since the target might expect a gag. Use mayonnaise to ice cupcakes in place of vanilla frosting.

Quick Gags

6. Put Vaseline on the doorknob.

7. Replace hand soap with hair gel.

8. Set all clocks an hour ahead, and that goes for alarms too.

9. Place confetti on top of ceiling fans.

10. Set the television at an extremely loud volume the night before so it scares the person when he or she turns it on in the morning.

11. Put opaque tape on front of the remote-control sensor.

12. Place a temporary tattoo on the back of the person’s neck.

13. Put green food coloring in a container of milk.

14. Turn the opener on the top of a beer or soda can so your victim can’t open it.

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