Drinking Games
A compilation of the best 2015 Oscar drinking games. Reuters

While nominated celebrities get to enjoy the 87th Academy Awards at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles Sunday, the rest of us are forced to watch the 2015 Oscars from our couches. One way to make the event more enjoyable for viewers watching the actors and actresses walk the red carpet in their glamorous outfits and accepting their awards is to partake in a drinking game. There are dozens scattered throughout the Web, but which one is the best?

For those who want a game that's easy and doesn’t involve too many things to remember, The Duke Chronicle game might be worth checking out. All viewers basically have to remember is if host Neil Patrick Harris breaks out into song or makes a witty joke, take a sip; if someone curses during an acceptance speech, Jennifer Lawrence falls or the Sony hacking scandal is referenced take two sips; if someone’s speech gets cut off, chug.

The drinking game by the Los Angeles Times is a little more involved and is broken into doing things in tiny sips, one drink, two drinks and a shot. For instance, if John Travolta mispronounces a name, take a shot.

Buzzfeed claims to have the “ultimate” drinking game. So what makes it so good? The news site suggests players “drown all their sorrows” if “American Sniper” wins anything. Other instances worthy of drinking include NPH trying to top Ellen DeGeneres’ epic 2014 selfie, any mention of Bill Cosby or Meryl Streep being called a living legend.

Last, but not least, Boozey offered a wide variety of memes to help tipsy players determine when it’s time to take a sip or shot during the awards ceremony. Sadly, Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar and considering he’s not nominated this year, there’s no chance for him to win at the 2015 show. Any time someone mentions this fact, it’s time to drink. Another time to take a sip is when someone says something political or when you see a celebrity drinking.

Click HERE for information on how to watch the 87th Academy Awards online or on TV. For a full list of Oscar nominees click HERE.

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