With all the hype on Instagram and TikTok on skin care products, it can be overwhelming to choose one that really works. Besides, our pubescent years have taught us a thing or two about acne so we’re all aware of the dire side effects of the wrong product. 

And with our favorite stars and influencers swearing by the skin care products on their feeds, how do you pinpoint those that provide the best results? Because that’s what matters: results.

To help you out, we've listed the must-have skin care products of this year so far.

1. FaceTory Sheet Masks

Facetory A bundle of Facetory's well-loved sheet masks Photo: Facestory.com

Simple to use and direct to the point, sheet masks are a quick fix to a particular skin concern. Whether it’s dry or an uneven skin tone, a sheet mask only takes 10-15 minutes to help you get that glow. 

We’re obsessed with FaceTory and its arsenal of fun affordable skin care products. But what really got our attention was its sheet mask bundles. Facetory offers a sheet mask for a particular skin need, such as the Everyday Lemon sheet mask for brightening dark spots or the favored Moon Velvet mask for nighttime moisturizing. 

Get FaceTory's sheet mask bundles here or subscribe to their seasonal collections here.

2. Lumin Classic Maintenance Set

Lumin's Classic Maintenance set The Classic Maintenance set for direct-to-the-point skin cleaning. Photo: luminskin.com

Skin care isn’t exclusive to women, and men nowadays have picked up an appreciation and understanding for a good skin care routine and reliable products.

That’s why Lumin specializes in skin management for men, to help them look the best version of themselves. Their Classic Maintenance set includes a charcoal cleanser, an exfoliating rub, and a moisturizing balm for everyday maintenance.

Buy this all-in-one skin care bundle here.

3. Lumin Age Management Set

Lumin Age Management set Lumin Age Management set to restore your youthful looks Photo: luminskin.com

Another favorite of ours is Lumin's Age Management set which includes a moisturizing balm, an anti-wrinkle defense serum, and a dark circle defense cream that's not meant to make you look younger than your age, but simply, the best version of you.

Buy it here!

4. Proven Personalized Skincare

Proven Custom Skincare Proven's personalized skincare formula Photo: provenskincare.com

It’s true that there’s no one product that suits all of your needs. So it’s up to you to find the right combination of skin care products to suit your skin concerns and lifestyles. 

Proven lets you bypass all of that by formulating a product specifically for you. First, you take a skin quiz addressing your skin concerns (wrinkles, dry skin, etc.), your lifestyle choices (alcohol consumption, stress levels, etc.), and even your location (humidity, water hardness, air quality). Then, it takes into account all these factors and formulates a personalized skin care set for you including a cleanser, moisturizer and night cream/serum. 

Take the skin quiz and get your custom skin care system here.

5. Paula’s Choice Hydrating Gel to Cream Cleanser

Paula's Choice Hydrating Cleanser Hydrating gel to cream cleanser for deep cleaning Photo: paulaschoice.com

A lot of products in the beauty industry revolve mostly around hype. But basic skin care, in all honesty, should be science-based and cuts to the chase. 

Paula’s Choice skin care line offers products that are backed by scientific research while maintaining their promise of being cruelty-free, irritant-free and environmentally conscious. We really love their award-winning Hydrating Gel to Cream Cleanser as a basic cleanser that does its job at deep cleaning the skin. 

Get yours here!

6. Paula's Choice Antioxidant Pore Purifier 

Paula's Choice Antioxidant Pore Purifier Powerful antioxidant that deep cleanses the pores Photo: paulaschoice.com

Another product that caught our attention is the Antioxidant Pore Purifier that deep cleans pores from daily debris and pollutants, leaving the skin rejuvenated. With salicylic acid to clear and refine pores, it also protects skin from environmental damage.

Start deep-cleaning your pores here!

7. Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil

Codex Bia Facial Oil Codex's Bia Facial Oil smoothens, softens, and locks in moisture. Photo: https://uk.codexbeauty.com/

Plant-based skin care products have been lauded not just for their cruelty-free processes but also for their effectiveness in delivering results.

Codex Beauty presents clinically proven products that are considered plant-powered solutions for healthier skin and microbiome support. We're eyeing their award-winning Bia Facial Oil that's made with rosehip, bog myrtle, sea buckthorn and prickly pear to smoothen complexion and retain moisture. 

You can get yours here.

8. Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box Allure Beauty Box is a subscription-based plan that offers products on a monthly basis. Photo: https://beautybox.allure.com/

A subscription to a beauty box allows you to try different products on a monthly or seasonal basis without the full commitment to a specific brand.

Allure Beauty Box is a subscription-based plan that provides its members with 6 or more skin care and beauty products (including 3 full-sized ones) approved by Allure. The membership offers discounts on coveted products and sneak peeks into the latest ones.

To start your journey to better skin, become a member here.