If you’re considering a career as a flight attendant, you may want to think again. Of all jobs in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, flight attendants came in dead last on CareerCast’s 2013 Jobs Rated Report, which assessed positions based on pay, stress, physical demands and future prospects. Flight attendants also placed No. 10 overall on the list of the 10 worst jobs for 2013.

“High stress, low pay and a shrinking job market all contribute to flight attendant’s inclusion among the worst jobs of 2013,” CareerCast explained. “As airlines continue to consolidate and reduce staff, this is unlikely to change.”

Researchers suggested that only roofers, mail carriers, meter readers, dairy farmers, oil rig workers, actors, military personnel and newspaper reporters have it worse.

Among the 10 best jobs in 2013, according to CareerCast, were actuary, biomedical engineer, software engineer, audiologist, financial planner, dental hygienist, occupational therapist, optometrist, physical therapist and computer systems analyst.

As a whole, jobs in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry didn't fare well on the 2013 report, with only one cracking the top 100 (event coordinator).

Anyone who goes into the industry will tell you that they didn’t do it for the money, but knowing what to expect upfront is a start. Extrapolating information from the 2013 survey, here’s a look at travel, tourism and hospitality jobs, from best to worst:

No. 1 Event Coordinator

Description: “Responsible for planning all logistics and activities associated with the events for which he or she is responsible.”

Income: $46,193

Work environment: 68; Stress: 49; Hiring outlook: 39.93

Overall score: 447; Rank: 62

No. 2 Aerospace Engineer

Description: “Designs, develops and tests new technologies concerned with the manufacture of commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft.”

Income: $102,128

Work environment: 46; Stress: 20; Hiring outlook: 2.28

Overall score: 605; Rank: 100

No. 3 Chauffeur

Description: “Drives limousines or other vehicles to transport passengers to and from specific locations.”

Income: $23,118

Work environment: 63; Stress: 21; Hiring outlook: 14.18

Overall score: 625; Rank: 107

No. 4 Recreation Worker

Description: “Organizes and supervises a variety of leisure activities, including sports, arts, crafts, drama, singing, dancing and story telling.”

Income: $22,129

Work environment: 60; Stress: 20; Hiring outlook: 12.29

Overall score: 660; Rank: 122

No. 5 Airline Pilot

Description: “Flies and navigates airplanes or helicopters. Airline pilots fly for airlines that transport people and cargo on a fixed schedule.”

Income: $106,228

Work environment: 68; Stress: 60; Hiring outlook: 10.28

Overall score: 685; Rank: 129

No. 6 Taxi Driver

Description: “Operates a taxi cab over the streets and roads of a municipality, picking up and dropping off passengers by request.”

Income: $23,118

Work environment: 88; Stress: 46; Hiring outlook: 14.18

Overall score: 782; Rank: 146

No. 7 Aircraft Mechanic

Description: “Performs scheduled inspections, maintenance and repairs on commercial and private aircraft.”

Income: $55,111

Work environment: 62; Stress: 27; Hiring outlook: 4.11

Overall score: 786; Rank: 149

No. 8 Bartender

Description: “Mixes and serves drinks to customers of a tavern, restaurant or lounge.”

Income: $19,100

Work environment: 60; Stress: 13; Hiring outlook: 3

Overall score: 795; Rank: 150

No. 9 Bus Driver

Description: “Transports passengers according to a specific schedule along metropolitan and community routes.”

Income: $36,171

Work environment: 68; Stress: 25; Hiring outlook: 6.71

Overall score: 813; Rank: 157

No. 10 Hotel Manager

Description: “Oversees the successful and profitable operation of hotels and motels.”

Income: $47,197

Work environment: 65; Stress: 22; Hiring outlook: 2.97

Overall scores: 826; Rank: 159

No. 11 Cashier

Description: “Handles payments from customers purchasing goods and services.”

Income: $19,069

Work environment: 54; Stress: 12; Hiring outlook: -5.31 Overall score: 863; Rank: 169

No. 12 Air Traffic Controller

Description: “Manages and controls all air traffic at the airport and within the air space near an airport.”

Income: $114,173

Work environment: 67; Stress: 28; Hiring outlook: -3.72

Overall score: 867; Rank: 170

No. 13 Waiter

Description: “Takes customer orders, serves food and drink, and prepares meal checks.”

Income: $19,088

Work environment: 72; Stress: 14; Hiring outlook: -0.12

Overall scores: 934; Rank: 185

No. 14 Dishwasher

Description: “Cleans the plates, glasses and silverware used by patrons of an eating establishment, and the pots, pans and cooking utensils used by chefs.”

Income: $18,044

Work environment: 64; Stress: 14; Hiring outlook: -6.56

Overall score: 943; Rank 187

No. 15 Flight Attendant

Description: “Tends to the care, safety and comfort of passengers on commercial and corporate aircraft.”

Income: $38,148

Work environment: 60; Stress: 44; Hiring outlook: -1.52

Overall score: 970; Rank: 191